Wednesday, June 13, 2007

America the Free?

Today Mat becomes a citizen. So I am getting off work early to go with him & Laura to the ceremony. It should be interesting & fun, maybe. I am excited for him.

Afterward we're going to go for dinner at what's more American then BBQ. hahhahaha. We were trying to think of something and I was like um I can't think of specific American dishes, When I think American I think apple pie or BBQ on 4th of July. SO we're off to Franks. And since Mat hasn't had a chance to go there yet he is happy to get to go. Its just not so WW friendly. SO I have to be careful on what I get to eat.

I did however lose 2.8lbs at WI (weigh in) I'm excited and not. It feels like it should be more. I don't know it seems like I am doing so much. I just feel like complaining. Its so much effort to lose weight and not any effort to gain it. Its just so much easier to not care. Anyway thats my gripe for the week. Whatever.

Till Next time! God Bless you & your family