Monday, June 4, 2007

Oh my the Weekends gone...

So anyway I've been waking up earlier then I ever use to. I don't sleep in on my weekends anymore. Its crazy. I don't know why I've planned it this way its kind of nuts actually. hahhahaa! Anyway on Saturday I went and workout again with the girls Lisa & Jen. It was hard getting up or getting over there. I woke up early. I am kind of at a point where I might not even have to set an alarm anymore. Crazy huh? I worked hard on the elliptical I did 25 minutes and then a few weights. Jen was also on an elliptical but a far away section from me. Lisa stuck to the tredmill. She seems to think that she doesn't have the balance for the "e" machine.
Afterwards we did our routine of going out for morning breakfest. A job well done. Have some else make us breakfest. I was quite busy the rest of the day running around until almost 10pm then I hung garage sale signs. I went to bed around 11pm so I get up early for Sunday.

The garage sale. OMG I haven't had to get up at 6am in for-um never :) Well I got up and ready headed over to pick up Norman and headed over to Stacis. We had to hang a few more signs because we had to tape some up. The garage sale started out kind of not so great I thought but started to pick up after the 1st 1/2 hour or so and then about 3pm we started to pack it up. We made a little over $500. We have just just shy of $725 saved for our fabulous Vegas trip now.

In other news I have a second cousin her name is Hazel Jayne she was born June 1st 10:30pm. She was 5 lbs 10 oz. and 19 3/4 in. long. Here is a picture of the happy family.

The Happy father is David & mother is Janelle. They are cousins on Steves side of the family. They live in Salt Lake Utah. The baby was a few weeks early but is doing just fine. So their family is doing just great the only problem was their house wasn't quite ready for the baby but nothing that can't be fixed by a few helping hands.