Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wordless Wednesday #2

South Bay Quake Biggest Since Loma Prieta, The U.S. Geological Survey reports 5.6 earthquake based in the Alum Rock area of San Jose hit at approximately 8:04 p.m. Tuesday

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Walking a Marathon & 1/2 Marathon Run

So I did it again!!! I signed up to walk in Avon walk for Breast Cancer. Yea call me crazy. I have no idea what I am thinking.

Ok maybe I'm thinking it will help keep me on track of my fitness goals. It will help keep me in shape. It will guide me and it will help the many people who are affected by the disease every few minutes. I really did enjoy walking a couple years ago. I just hope I can talk my good friend Jen into walking with me again. Yea she's gone right now at her sisters wedding so I haven't told her I signed up. I don't even know what came over me.

What happened was I got a mailing from Avon saying I could sign up for a discounted registration fee because I was a previous walker. Not that the money is always a factor but something came over me at that moment that made me want to do it again. Yea go through the fundraising and everything. CRAZINESS as its best! So on July 12-13 2008, I'll spend the weekend walking, along with thousands of other people, in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I will be walking a marathon (26.2 miles). I'm also trying to raise $2500 in donations to the cause. I'll have to spend the next months training, fundraising, and preparing for the event. It's one of the best challenge I've taken on, but I'm very excited about doing it because I know it will make a real difference to the millions of people affected by breast cancer. So don't you want to help me find a cure!!! Click here to help support me!

SO the other thing I signed up for which is pure craziness too.
Nah kidding. Its my goal! I want to do the Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon run next year in October 2008. Its the 8th of October to be exact. I said I was going to do it in 3 hours...well that was my estimate. I haven't exactly started training. I still technically walk/jog. Mostly walk and jog sometimes. But I have a 11 months to train. Yea its a good goal. Anyway I have high expectations for myself but I know I can over come and complete these goals!!! I will probably do a few trail runs before this long one. I will of course report back and tell you how I do.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

2.2 loss & Another treatment

WI was good I lost 2.2lbs on Tuesday's meeting which was nice. I stuggled with my 6 mile walk on Sunday. I haven't really been exercising that much so it was a lot all at once. I have to just keep up the good work. I plan on hitting the gym this afternoon. The Neurologist seems to think its good for me. Plus I'm paying for a gym membership I am as well use it.
I've have this little turkey hanging on the fridge. I cut off all his feathers and from now until Thanksgiving every pound I lose I get to add a feather. SO I got to add 2 feathers back to my turkey. He's on his way to being a normal turkey again. Yea the small things make me happy.

SO I had another accupunture treatment yesterday. It was different this time. I had only 4 needles in my head this time. I had a few in the tops of my feet. She said (the dr) that there are pressure points in our feet that have to do with our head. I had also 3 needs in my hands/wrist areas. My wrist felt a little sore afterward. I'm no so sure if the treatments are helping too much yet. I have another appointment on Monday @ 1pm. I'm going to give them 4 more tries. If I don't have some type of relief after then. I will have to pursue something else. Just don't know what yet.

SHARKS GAME TONIGHT!!! I'm bringing my earplugs so that I don't get a migraine while I'm there. Sometimes loud noises really bothers me.

Monday, October 15, 2007

New Book is sooo cool

so I am not sure if you know anything about this guy Frank Warren who started this as a community art project a few years ago. & its turned into something that has a life of its own. People send him anonymous secrets on a homemade postcard. He travels around the country with his art exhibit and he also runs which is a blog just like mine. Anyway I bought 2 of his books and their wonderful. I couldn't put them down.

Example of whats inside: (I got photos from Amazon)

Through the weekend...(rest of the week too)

I've stepped up my exercise efforts in hopes that it helps with my weightloss. With 3 weeks & hardly any loss it hard to stay focused. I mean I am still eatting well. Its hard to exercise with a headache but I try. After having treatment on wednesday I've had less headaches though. Isn't that great. Thursday I went to see a movie for the 1st time in weeks. It was the Beatles musical remake Across the Universe. I loved it. Marcella wouldn't stop singing hahahha! Well I sang some too. Jen was probably like dang be quiet....good ting there weren't many people in the theater.

Friday I didn't do much of anything because I wasn't feeling well much of the day. I worked out with Steve at the end of the night on the treadmill. He was on his bike. We were working out together...sort of. I mean its kind of hard to do it together when I have my back to him with headphones with my own music on and him the same thing. But at least we're both exercising. I am totally proud of him for that.

Went to the Sharks game on Saturday night and it was rather depressing. I mean it was exciting being home opener and all but it was a hard defeat. They played against the Boston Bruins and the start of the game was delayed because of a power outage that was unexplained. So all the opening activities like the National Anthem and announcing the starting line up and all of those things never happened. It was so strange. The Bruins scored 1st. We played sooooo hard they were lucky we couldn't connect. We hit the pole of the goal like 5 times. The score could have been 5 to 1 by the 2nd period but wasn't. In the 2nd period the Sharks played to hard they never even let them get a shot on our goal. But in the last 37 seconds we thought it was going to be a tied up game because we scored. But alas only 11 seconds later the Bruins scored the winning goal. It sucked!

Yesterday I went walking with my friends. We went about a 6 mile walk. It took about 2 1/2 hours. I slowed down towards the end I don't know what happened to me. I feel out of shape. Maybe its the last 3 weeks of not doing my Elliptical machine workout. I am so sick of having migraines. I am trying not to let that be an excuse anymore though for exercise...Yea if I sound like I keep typing that it because maybe if I keep saying it I will mean it :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Yesterday I got my 1st treatment. It was fine. Different, No I didn't feel the needles. Well I got treated for two things. I mean while I'm there I and since I have to pay out of pocket I may as well have all my ailments taken care of. So I was treated for my migraines and my knee pain. So they first interview me. I had two dr's. One was a student or intern because this is also a teaching facility. So I answered a bunch of questions. They asked about my diet and exercise like normal Western medicane does. They asked about my sex life. They wanted to see my tongue because I guess your tongue gives a more clear picture about your overall health. I did not know this. I was chewing gum. They said for my next appointment no gum at least 1 hour before. Ok! I brought all the medications I was taking for them to see. They asked what I took each for. Next we disscussed what I wanted Acupuncture to accomplish for me.

Then we went into a room it reminded me almost like an exam room but more of spa massage room feel. They told me that I was going to have to take off my jeans since they were going to be working on my knees. I knew I should have wore my yoga workout pants because I was going to tell them about the knee pain but too late now. Next time...I will be prepared. Any they have a hospital gown I only take off the jeans and drape the paper hospital gown. Then they came in disscussed how many needles and where they were going to place them to each other. Next they asked me to me tell them if anything hurt or felt uncomfortable right away. Well I never even felt the one guy putting any of the needles in my left knee. He was that good. I could feel him touch my leg but I never felt even a pinch or anything. The other guy did my forehead like the picture above. I had a few needles put in the side of my face also near my ears. Then he did my right knee. I felt 2 of the needles go into my knee. Not huge like shot or anything but I felt them. No biggie. Then they said they check on me in like 10 minutes but to lay there breathe, relax and just rest. I thought there would be music or something.
I don't I guess from watching Private Practice on Wednesday nights and seeing that Acupuncture room I thought it would be something like that. I guess only in the OC. So maybe if my friend Sabina went to get treatments at some highend place then she would come back and report that it was like that.

Anyway my treatment was over it seemed like fast. The needles coming out didn't hurt either. I did however bleed a small amount from one site. But I didn't feel it. Anyway I have another appointment next week. Oh my knees feel great. SERIOUSLY alot better. So you can say its in my mind or whatever but they do. My head well it feels like they just moved the pain from the side of my head to the front. I need more treatments for a good result I think. Like I said next week I will report back again to let you know.
Till then I will be still following my doctors orders and taking all my meds and keeping up with all these meds. I have started to try and take them earlier in the night to see if that helps so I don't feel so overly drugged when I wake up in the morning. Then I might not feel so groggy and have such a horrible migraine every morning.
Take care

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Still have a headache...

So whats new you say? Nothing much really. Its the sign of the times. Its happening again. & guess what my doctor Neurologist hasn't got a clue. She however has refered me to a Acupuncturist. So tomorrow for the 1st time in my life I will be going to get Acupunture. Yea Steve is like going crazy he said next she will be prescribing a Chiropractor which he so doesn't believe works either. He wants me to be refered to someone else. I also have been mixed a different drug cocktail to combat migraine symptoms. I've up my medications and I now have injectable pain medication that is suppose to help with the onset migraine headache pain.

So I also have paperwork into my Dr. right now too for medical leave and thats complicated too. I almost got in an accident driving to see if she was done filling it out. I don't know why or how. I was feeling ok to drive. My headache pain was at a tolerable level when I left the house and I was just trying to concentrate on the road and I guess I was just paying attention to the wrong signal light. Its the stupidest near miss I have ever had. The left signal was red I thought my was green (which it wasn't) so I went through it. I almost collided with an SUV. The lady came and sort of scolded me telling me I needed to drive more carefully I told her I knew. I shouldn't be driving. I told her I was sorry. All I could do was apologize. I felt really bad. Anyway all that and I still have no paperwork or no idea how long I will be out. Yea a wasted trip. I know insane. I'll call next time.

I have weigh in tonight. If I'm feeling better I will go. Otherwise I will wait and go tomorrow.

Steve and I went camping over the weekend. I had only 1 migraine. I was trying to see if maybe I could get lots of fresh clean air. Out of my normal enviorment maybe that could get me out of this cycle. Hey why not try to self cure this issue. I did a hike on Saturday. Part of it was uphill 2 miles. Yea I was totally working through a huge amount of pain there. My nausea was crazy I didn't want Steve to notice though. I just kept going. All and all it was a good trip.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Donors Choose

SO I want all my friends & family to help me support public schools by making a donation to Donors Choose & click on this challenge! Make a pledge of even just $10 to help me fundraise some money for public school supply for students.