Thursday, October 11, 2007


Yesterday I got my 1st treatment. It was fine. Different, No I didn't feel the needles. Well I got treated for two things. I mean while I'm there I and since I have to pay out of pocket I may as well have all my ailments taken care of. So I was treated for my migraines and my knee pain. So they first interview me. I had two dr's. One was a student or intern because this is also a teaching facility. So I answered a bunch of questions. They asked about my diet and exercise like normal Western medicane does. They asked about my sex life. They wanted to see my tongue because I guess your tongue gives a more clear picture about your overall health. I did not know this. I was chewing gum. They said for my next appointment no gum at least 1 hour before. Ok! I brought all the medications I was taking for them to see. They asked what I took each for. Next we disscussed what I wanted Acupuncture to accomplish for me.

Then we went into a room it reminded me almost like an exam room but more of spa massage room feel. They told me that I was going to have to take off my jeans since they were going to be working on my knees. I knew I should have wore my yoga workout pants because I was going to tell them about the knee pain but too late now. Next time...I will be prepared. Any they have a hospital gown I only take off the jeans and drape the paper hospital gown. Then they came in disscussed how many needles and where they were going to place them to each other. Next they asked me to me tell them if anything hurt or felt uncomfortable right away. Well I never even felt the one guy putting any of the needles in my left knee. He was that good. I could feel him touch my leg but I never felt even a pinch or anything. The other guy did my forehead like the picture above. I had a few needles put in the side of my face also near my ears. Then he did my right knee. I felt 2 of the needles go into my knee. Not huge like shot or anything but I felt them. No biggie. Then they said they check on me in like 10 minutes but to lay there breathe, relax and just rest. I thought there would be music or something.
I don't I guess from watching Private Practice on Wednesday nights and seeing that Acupuncture room I thought it would be something like that. I guess only in the OC. So maybe if my friend Sabina went to get treatments at some highend place then she would come back and report that it was like that.

Anyway my treatment was over it seemed like fast. The needles coming out didn't hurt either. I did however bleed a small amount from one site. But I didn't feel it. Anyway I have another appointment next week. Oh my knees feel great. SERIOUSLY alot better. So you can say its in my mind or whatever but they do. My head well it feels like they just moved the pain from the side of my head to the front. I need more treatments for a good result I think. Like I said next week I will report back again to let you know.
Till then I will be still following my doctors orders and taking all my meds and keeping up with all these meds. I have started to try and take them earlier in the night to see if that helps so I don't feel so overly drugged when I wake up in the morning. Then I might not feel so groggy and have such a horrible migraine every morning.
Take care


dorothy said...

If you're paying out of pocket maybe you should go to the place in Sunnyvale. They charge $100 up front for 5 visits. I don't think you can get any cheaper than that. I'm glad that it's working. I'd suggest that you DON'T listen to music or watch tv when you're getting poked. You should just take the time to meditate and center yourself. At any rate, I'm glad you're getting better. Accupuncture is the only thing that takes care of my migraines. I love it and I'm glad you're giving it a go!