Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Well Doc says:

Take more medications. Just what I thought...but at this point I am just about willing to try anything. My husband is sick of me saying I don't feel. Plus I so sick of not being able to say I am going to work. He has been patient over the 2 years. Yes the doc said today its beenjust about 2 years we've been dealing with these headaches/migraine issues. So I went and filled my 2 new prescriptions and have an appointment with the Neurologist for Thursday. We'll have to see what she has to say. I am sure it might not be so good.
Anyway I am off to bed. I am at about a 4/5 headache right now...noise is starting to bother me.

Sick of feeling like this...

So my headaches are back....back with avenges. I have had a headache every day now for over a week. The day I woke up to leave Disneyland I had one...a migraine. Well I am not entirely sure if its a migraine per say but I have symptoms that are common with them but last year while at my primary care doc he said maybe they weren't. But then after the same type of reoccuring headaches popped up again after 6 months he started to come around to believe that they actually were not just some simple headache. As I sit here and type it hurts. It sucks to try and like concentrate on anything. When I try to work on my budget and I think about money yep pain seems to increase and I can't even think properly.
I wake up in the middle of the night with shooting pain, aching, throbbing pain in my head on my head around my head. Sometimes my eyes are a little glossy/fuzzy. Noise bugs me can't even listen to the alarm go off in the morning. Sounds kind of like when or if you ever had a hang over & its like 10x's louder then it really is.
Anyway its so sickening feeling like this. Yea and the feeling of nausea thats fun too. When I left work last. I actually did leave throwing up.
I'm sure my coworkers are upset with me. We don't have that many people that work where I do. Makes it hard on everyone else if I am not there. Its seriously not on purpose I stay home. Its just I can't get up in the morning when I am feeling like this. I can't bring myself to drive...conventrating on driving takes so much pain.
My husband is upset with me too. By the time the evening 6/7pm comes around I am usually feeling better like I will be able to go to work the next day. Then it seems like to never fail. I am right back where I started the day before. Feeling like someone is basicly hammering my head. Intense crushing sensations around parts of my skull....Fun huh?
Well I think I am done writing for now. The typing and thinking of what I am going to try and say is getting me feeling worse then I already am. Another set of pills taken and off to lay in bed to try and deal with my pain again.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More Disneyland...How Cute are my Nieces?

So these are a few of the pictures I got of my nieces from the Lilo & Stitch character breakfast we went to on Presidents day. Wow I love the 3 day weekends. What a wonderful time for a Disneyland trip to visit with the family.

Stitch is cute

Disneyland is such a great place. Besides all the crowds, but even those people are fun to watch. The children are crazy though. The level of spoiledness rises as you run through those front gates. But the same is true for adults too. There are just as many items that an adult can spend mass amounts of cash on. I had a wonderful time this weekend in Disneyland. Not so much CA Adventure. They were rude and unpleasant ah just like Califorinas hahahah I get it. Anyway it was ashame I wasn't able to see all my So Cal friends but oh well maybe next time. Any ho thats it for now. Hope you like the picture of my hubby & I with Stitch...hes the best character ever!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

My newest thing :)

SO I just learned about this wonderful organzation that helps teachers fund their needs for the classroom or something that may make their students life better. You can be a part of it. You can donate to a certain need for as little as $25. SO take a look at the site and help out some school children excel in life.