Friday, January 19, 2007


New Year

Hmm where to start. I guess because its the end of one year and the NEW begining of another it allows me to reflect on all that I have achieved. Gives me a prespective of all that I have done. All the new people/friends I have met.
Life is so great at times. I feel so extremely blessed I can't contain myself. I have to just tell the whole world....doubt the whole world reads my blog but I must try.

So I've had a fabulous year. There of course has been some rough spots....I mean there have been things that have happened to my family and to some of my friends that aren't the greatest...but their still alive & kicking. I though haven't had any serious issues, problems, or conflicts. I know just hate me NOW.
I can't help but shout my happiness of being alive on the roof tops. I mean I am so greatful to be alive. I told my husband if I died in the plane ride home I would have no regrets. Sure there are places I want to go, people I'd like'd like to meet, but you know not everyone can do everything.

-Lets see I went to Disneyland 3 times in 2006. Its the happiest place on earth you know. While I am down there I get to see my friends in the area who have either moved away and those new friends I have been lucky enough to meet.
-I went to of the places I had desired to go to ever since I could remember. Heck yeah it was worth it. I can't wait to go back & spend some more time on the beach swimming with my honey. Now I understand why people like to go there on their honeymoons its sort of magical, or so it seems to be.
***I had my 10th Anniversary & with it I had a wonderful party where I got to be Princess for a day/night. My party was just so fun, I had people from all over come to be with us.
-For Thanksgiving my husband & I took off for the week to be with his Mom in AZ. (Again blessed to have that time off, although it was because of my dang migraines but then again my mom gave me samples of medication that helped to stop them)
-Christmas was wonderful we didn't go anywhere but we spent time with our family. More precious than anything in the world I think. Family & friends the best things in the whole wide world in my opinion!
-For New Years this year we are down in Pasadena celebrating with some good friends we've made over the year. So fitting I beleive.
My month of Dec was so busy it seemed like I could hardly take a breath, there to blessed. Blessed enough to be busy with friends and family. To be lucky enough to have a husband who knows what I truely love ***HOCKEY*** & to get me season tickets to so I can go to every home game.
So heres to a new year. I hope that all of you who read this will recieve many blessings in the coming year.
Wow life is a wonderful ride!