Thursday, March 8, 2007

Migraines Migraines Migraines

You know its getting old. Having headaches or feeling sick to my stomach all the time. I am on the 5 medications. I am also keeping a journal about my days. The doctors didn't suggest it I just decided to make them see how it feels to be me I would just go ahead and write down everything. Anytime I take meds. What and when I eat or sleep. What I do through out the day which isn't really much. I am finally getting a little more energy, but I am still a long way from not having headaches or at least it feels like that.
My husband I think it finally realizing that I am not joking about how much the migraines are bothering me. Since I haven't pretty much been anywhere except Doctor appointments or pharmacy in the last 3 weeks. Well since Disneyland. Which is very very shocking for me. I am a social butterfly so to speak. I can't stand being home. But frankly people irrate the heck out of me and I am in too much pain to deal with anyone or anything. So here I sit at home. Waiting for all of these medications to work miracles.