Saturday, November 29, 2008

A hiking I will go...

So I went on a little more then a 5 mile hike yesterday. It was a good thing for a workout after Thanksgiving. Not that I over ate or anything but it keeps me on track. My plan like I mentioned before is too lose this week. & I know exactly how I am going to do that. So the weather was very cool! Cold in fact. I started hiking at about 10:30 & there was no sun. I think though it was nice because if it had been sunny that hike would have been harder + very hot. There weren't too many shady spots.
We did go by a ranch and the horses in the pasture were so nice. They came up to the fence for petting or wanted a treat. I sometimes wish I had a horse... I miss that about MN. My mom had a horse for quite awhile. It was a lot of fun for riding.
Anyway hike was great. Plan for today is also to go on another hike. I am checking out a bunch of new places. Expanding my horizons so to speak. Who knew there were sooooo many great places to hike in my "own backyard".

Friday, November 28, 2008

One more thing I want to share...

I am an auntie again! My newest nephews name is Sean Edward. He is shown here in a picture after being born w/ Emily on the left & Sarah on the right. His birthday was the 26th.

I didn't make it...

So my goal of logging in and posting something every day, well just didn't work out. OH WELL! I can try again next month right!

As long as I don't give up on my WL goal is what matters. My migraines have been come and go so that wasn't the problem.
Guess I just didn't know what to log in and write about.

Lets recap what's happened since last week.
Over the weekend I went to Reno w/friends. It wasn't a planned trip and it actually happened while talking at dinner Friday night. Vegas came up in the conversation and all of sudden it turned into...
Lets go to Reno right now. It was fine and a good idea since I was going to have to be home alone all weekend. Steve was driving his dad to AZ. So I was happy to take my mind off Steve not being home.
So Mat & Laura, Norman & Lisa and me piled into his SUV & took off.

Monday I went to the gym...yea not so newsworthy but in fact it kind is. I haven't been in like 2-3 weeks. So well it was a big feat to get me back in the gym. Then its started the keep on going chain reaction.

I also went on Wednesday with Jen. We even stayed working out for an hour and a half. I don't know what got into me. Um maybe the fact I want to kick start losing weight again. I have sort of been stalled the last 2 months. Partly because I went to Jamaica and that threw me all off track and there isn't anything harder then trying to get back the motivation. (I think you have to have weight issues to really relate)

Thanksgiving which was yesterday was nice. I slept in a little and woke up with no headache in sight. I decide to head the gym since I found out they were open till 2pm. I also thought if I go to the gym I will not feel bad having some bread & butter with my dinner. I was surprise to find so many at the gym. I guess others had the same idea :)
For dinner Steve and I went to Black Angus - they had a Thanksgiving special. Now don't feel sad for me because this was the best scenario ever... I didn't have to cook & have all kinds of left overs. As much as I love being around family there is nothing as tempting in the world then just stuffing yourself all day on food. (Again I think you have to have weight issues to understand) I know for most people it would be like "well just stop eating" but yea it doesn't always work for me. & especially when I am around all my family. Last year during the holidays I had to put my foot down more then once.
* Partly because I have struggled with my weight my entire life and I know Steve's family has seen me @ 230 pounds before only to gain it all back. They have seen me at my highest weight of 325 too. So to them its the holidays and its ok "for 1 day, why not" Its hard to explain that 1-2 days can turn into weeks for me.
Last year I was very focused too. This year it was soooo nice to not have any pressures.
Steve and I also went to the movies last night...its a family tradition to us. Has been the last 11 years. We seen Four Christmases. I don't think it was that great. Guess because I was expecting something a little different.

Which brings me to this morning!!! Well I am off to go hiking :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ugh I really would like...

for my migraines to STOP!

Yea I'm still having them and I think they're never going to go away. The doctor said it should help when I lose weight. So I've lost weight. She said try not to have stress in your life... well I don't have that much stress in my life.
Cut foods out... Well I pretty much don't eat hard cheeses, not like I use too.

So I am just left in a dilemma to just carry on with pain & act like nothing is wrong.... or what?

My WL is not going very well because when my head is hurting I do not want to be at the gym or listening to loud music...
I like music when I'm working out.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

World of Warcraft friend has birthday today...

So today was our friend's birthday! "Sigmai" thats a game name turned 23 today he is from Poland! His real name is Greg. We so have wanted him to come visit us so all our friends here could meet him. Steve has know him online for like 5 years least 5 years. He met him while playing WOW in beta.
Yea Steve's connection at Apple got him into playing WOW. Blizzard came to them (steve & some coworkers) to "test" WOW on macs. Well he's been playing ever since.


Well Happy Bday Sig! We love you :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wow what difference...

Hawaii Aug 2006

Jamaica Sept 2008

Steve & I on cruise Feb 2006

Steve & I in Jamaica Sept 2008

So looking through some old photos I noticed that wow 90 pounds does make a huge difference in how someone looks.
I thought before I didn't look that bad...I don't know weird...
Well here is picture proof I was nuts. Glad I woke up and started to try something else.

'Meh': Apathetic Expression Enters Dictionary!

So what you don't know is that I knew someone from WOW who said that word all the time! While playing World of Warcraft. Or just in conversations.... it was always 'Meh'. So it totally cracks me up that its being put into the dictionary.

So this Courtney the guy I knew from WOW who said it all the time!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

whatever post...

Yea can't get the thing I want posted...
Oh well so here is a cool website for different teeshirts

So dang it I missed a day!

Somehow being out all day & coming home last night I didn't post anything.

So yesterday I woke up @ 9:30 was out of the house in 15 minutes so I could drive to do Air Aerobics. I had to be there by 10 am I usually leave a little earlier but I was just tired. Got done by 11 am and drove home.
@ noon I headed over the Hellyer Park for a Sagway picnic. My father in-law was having a lot of his Sagway friends to the park and riding on the trail there. The weather here in CA is still really nice.
At about 4 we left the park. Came home & left again. I finally got my old big clothes out of my hallway. I had 6 huge bags full of clothes....
NOW I CAN NEVER GAIN THAT 90 pounds again...I have no clothes. (It was kind of weird I even held onto them this long)
About 5:30pm we got over to Dad's house. They realized that there was an unfinished project outside that could be done if we went to Home Depot. So headed there and picked some lava rock up....Yea its a landscaping project.
Got home about 6:30 and Steve + Jim through the rock around the tree.

Afterwards we went out for dinner it was about 7:00 maybe? We then ate and came back to Dad's.
We left Dads and got home around 8:30 but I was so tired I went to lay down. Didn't get back up till like 11:30 & just didn't think to post anything.

So LONG story short I wasn't home really yesterday ....
No post, Sorry

Friday, November 14, 2008

50 true things about me...

1. I love my husband too much I think... if he were to die I would be completely devastated & that scares me sometimes

2. I am happy a lot

3. I have really good friends

4. I'm 33 years old


6. I love watching hockey

7. I have season tickets to the SHARKS

8. I am usually very friendly

9. People like to talk to me...I mean like strangers ask me questions. Maybe because I seem friendly

10. I like to play craps more then anything when I go to gamble

11. I only call my mom about once a week

12. I'm original from a small town in MN

13. I now live in San Jose CA


15. I like to go hiking with friends

16. I LOVE the color purple - before it was in!

17. I like glittery or sparkly dresses or accessories

18. I value the opinions of my friends.... I don't always listen but I do value their opinions

19. I donate to charity

20. I'm a member of KIVA

21. I have 3 savings helps me manage my money best

22. I have been married for 12 years

23. I have a BMW... it was always my dream car, I always thought I would have "made" it by owning one

24. I've seen less then 20 concerts in my life

25. I get migraines regularly

26. I have been trying to train for a 10K run... I haven't done much yet to be honest

27. I've lost 91 pounds

28. I'm still doing WW (Weight Watchers)

29. I am still overweight by about 80 pounds

30. I am Mormon

31. I attend church practically every Sunday

32. I've been inside 5 different temples... Mesa, Oakland, San Diego, Dallas & Seattle (opps forgot one)

33. I want a dog... but my husband will not let me get one

34. I want to go horseback riding again

35. I upset easily

36. I love to watch high school drama type shows on tv

37. I'm very impulsive

38. I've traveled more then I ever thought I would

39. I come from a poor family

40. I went to New Orleans only a year before Katrina... thankful I took the city, cemetery, plantation & bayou tour while there

41. I've been to Mardi Gras

42. I plan on going to Spain next summer

43. A lot of movies make me cry

44. I miss my sister terribly... I try calling her almost every 2 days

45. I use to play WOW (World of Warcraft)

46. I love meeting new people

47. I like going out to eat

48. My house is messy and so I have maids

49. I love that my husband has a big extended family

50. I don't want to have children... but I wouldn't mind maybe having foster kids (my husband doesn't know this)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wrath of the Lich King

So the big news in our house tonight...well actually since Midnight last night. World of Warcraft's newest expansion is out! Steve has got his copy and also bought a copy for my character although I don't play hardly at all anymore.
He played last night into the wee hours of this morning. Went to work way late and then came home early (although he did say he was feeling sick)
His online friends already were saying "oh why did I go to sleep I am already behind!" Um do think this game is addictive...Um yea!

I am going to try and upload a Youtube video. Steve lined up last night @ game stop around 11:15pm for his copies. He said the crowd there was crazy.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It is so hard for me to write anything because I don't feel much like talking. There is soooo much going on here in CA. Its hard not to think about it all the time. Guess I've never been attacked before on my religious beliefs and its weird because it is really bothering me. I just don't know why its ok for anyone to take away my right to worship freely without fear or call me names when the same group argues that I took away a "right" of theirs. I guess its a right for a right.

So people think being religious is "old" fashioned... out of date, crazy, or just being hateful. I've never ever thought of myself as hateful or hurtful. I followed a religious rule and guidance from my prophet. Now I am suppose to feel like what I did was the wrong thing because a mob wants to force its will on me.
They desecrate my place of worship and think that will make me see a different point of view.
Actually it makes me feel like what I did was the right thing.
Its so weird because I've never thought of myself as a really "religious" person, but now I guess I've crossed a line into it.

If I have to choose a side I know where I want to be.
Its what I believe in... Faith, my church & God.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"How Can I Be"

Adam Ashby, Ben Mataele and Uaisele Fa singing "How Can I Be" with the ukueles

So yea I came up with this video because my friend told me to go check out Youtube tonight and after I listen & watched the thing she wanted me to see I went in search of something inspirational to me.

Anyway hope you enjoy...

Back from camping

So it was a lot of fun. Being away with Steve and "roughing" it...
Really I don't rough it much. I mean it isn't say as luxurious as staying at a hotel but it isn't tent camping either.

We were pretty much alone after Sunday afternoon. It was like a ghost town.
We were @ Bodega Bay Dunes State Park:
Sonoma State Beach features coastland with beaches, reefs, coves, tidepools, headlands, and natural arches. With more than ten miles of shore, 5,000 acres, this state beach is one of the largest in the state. The park stretches from Bodega Head to the Russian River. There is a five-mile trail system in the dunes. The beach is home to one of California's largest seal rookeries. In the winter, Bodega Head is one of the finest whale-watching sites on the North Coast. The park is also home to many kinds of seabirds. The ocean bay and river frontage offers perch, salmon, steelhead and smelt fishing.

Steve and I did some exploring but mostly we hung out at the camp ground and the ocean.
The wind was pretty strong on Sunday and the waves were incredible to watch.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Going camping! So dang it I canceled a horseback riding for today with about 10 people because I thought it was going to rain. Um the sun is out shinning. How horrible I so wanted to go horseback riding too.
So Steve and I are just going to leave early for our trip. I don't think I am going to be able to post until Tuesday. Its not that I am trying to get out of my responsibility of posting 30 times in 30 days. Although I have more then 1 post on a few days so that should count towards something.
I love taking the camper & going to the woods. Yep I am funny. But seriously last time Steve and I went it wasn't all bad. I totally learned how to put the trailer up & put it away. I felt like I was in the KNOW.
Anyway I chose a place 2 hours away on the coast. Hope its good. The last 2 times I made reservations they all turned out pretty good. So I am not too worried.

Just wanted to tell you where I took off to if you were all wondering why I'm not posting. Maybe there will be internet service. Hahhaha Usually there is not! Of course.

Went out last night...

So all the girls in the 1st picture below are who I went with. Those are all my fun coworkers! We went to this dive lounge that looked as though was out of the movies.
It was all lounge like with the comfy vegas style benches on the outer rim of the place. & then had little tables with the cushy style arm chairs around the tables.

So there is this place called Cardinal Lounge that is similar but different because there is no restaurant attached.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh forgot to post these pics from Halloween

So for Halloween I wore my Eeyore costume. Other girls @ work dressed up too. So we got some pics taken of us. Its kind of nice to be in an office where others participate in the spirit of the Holidays.

Sharks Win in Shoot out tonight!

2-1 after 1st period...tied up in 2nd. Then 3rd period was very exciting only because we were behind then tied then behind & tied.

Went to shoot out & we pulled it off! Thanks to Nabby getting us our Shoot Out WIN!

P.S. We haven't lost @ home yet. Its pretty fun to watch our Sharks win so much!! So far 8 wins at home. I hoping we can keep this up.

Normally I am not that religious on my blog...

"Truly understood and properly practiced, faith is one of the grand and glorious powers of eternity. It is a force powerful beyond our comprehension. "Through faith … the worlds were framed by the word of God." Through faith, waters are parted, the sick healed, the wicked silenced, and salvation made possible. Our faith is the foundation upon which all our spiritual lives rest. It should be the most important resource of our lives. Faith is not so much something we believe; faith is something we live."
--Joseph B. Wirthlin

But I could not help it by posting this because I think it is so fitting to how I feel and it just popped up online when I was reading my scriptures tonight.

If your interesting in knowing more about Joseph B Wirthlin click on his name it will give you some information about him.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Historical Hump day 2008...

For other wordless wednesdays

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

OBAMA predicted WINNER...

As of right now I am reading that Obama has 338 electoral! Wow that is just crazy but I am so excited to see what will happen in our country.

In other news the Sharks won again. They are doing the best! They haven't lost a game at home since the regular season has started. Its been exciting so far to watch them play. Their different, I think they're hungry!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Manic Monday

So today was alright day. Wasn't too busy @ work, huh who am I kidding. MY job function as work is changing a little. They have a back up girl that is training to take on part of my work. Which is a huge help. Should help free up some headache.
Didn't really have much pain today.
Forgot my drinking container at home...made me kind of upset.

Oh there was something I was going to say....


Sunday, November 2, 2008

So now the challenge is upon me

SO today I went to brunch w/Norman & Lisa to Marie Calendars. Yea fun & exciting stuff I know. Well why does food need to be sooo damn tempting. I ate more then maybe I should have.
Then we went to Santana Row..its a shopping center for those of you who read my blog & didn't know.

We went to Z gallery & La Sur Table. I love looking around stores. We walked a bit and went back to the car.
This whole getting dark early thing is bothering me. Its so weird. I guess I'll get use to though.
We went to a great little restaurant in Palo Alto, well actually its a creamery. Long time ago we seen it on a tv show and since then we've loved going there. Since I've been on WW's though I don't frequent the establishment. TOO SCARY for my lifestyle now.
I was planning on doing the whole shake/malt thing but I got something else on the menu instead and then was too full to go there.
Came home got on my exercise bike for 1 1/2 hours while watching some tv. Great way to exercise and get the DVR recordings watched too. So got caught up on 2 episodes of ER. I stopped watching that show awhile back, got too crazy for me. The only reason I started watching again is because its the last season, so I feel kind of obligated in a way...old loyalty. Yea I am a bit crazy and have weird reasoning. It was like when Friends was ending too. I HAD to watch the last season.
Alrighty off to wonderland now.


It's National Blog Posting Month! which of course gets shortened to NaBloPoMo(try saying that ten times fast!) The goal of NaBloPoMo, is to post every day for 30 days.

So I know I missed the 1st day but that was because I was unaware. So now that I know I am so going to try this.