Friday, November 14, 2008

50 true things about me...

1. I love my husband too much I think... if he were to die I would be completely devastated & that scares me sometimes

2. I am happy a lot

3. I have really good friends

4. I'm 33 years old


6. I love watching hockey

7. I have season tickets to the SHARKS

8. I am usually very friendly

9. People like to talk to me...I mean like strangers ask me questions. Maybe because I seem friendly

10. I like to play craps more then anything when I go to gamble

11. I only call my mom about once a week

12. I'm original from a small town in MN

13. I now live in San Jose CA


15. I like to go hiking with friends

16. I LOVE the color purple - before it was in!

17. I like glittery or sparkly dresses or accessories

18. I value the opinions of my friends.... I don't always listen but I do value their opinions

19. I donate to charity

20. I'm a member of KIVA

21. I have 3 savings helps me manage my money best

22. I have been married for 12 years

23. I have a BMW... it was always my dream car, I always thought I would have "made" it by owning one

24. I've seen less then 20 concerts in my life

25. I get migraines regularly

26. I have been trying to train for a 10K run... I haven't done much yet to be honest

27. I've lost 91 pounds

28. I'm still doing WW (Weight Watchers)

29. I am still overweight by about 80 pounds

30. I am Mormon

31. I attend church practically every Sunday

32. I've been inside 5 different temples... Mesa, Oakland, San Diego, Dallas & Seattle (opps forgot one)

33. I want a dog... but my husband will not let me get one

34. I want to go horseback riding again

35. I upset easily

36. I love to watch high school drama type shows on tv

37. I'm very impulsive

38. I've traveled more then I ever thought I would

39. I come from a poor family

40. I went to New Orleans only a year before Katrina... thankful I took the city, cemetery, plantation & bayou tour while there

41. I've been to Mardi Gras

42. I plan on going to Spain next summer

43. A lot of movies make me cry

44. I miss my sister terribly... I try calling her almost every 2 days

45. I use to play WOW (World of Warcraft)

46. I love meeting new people

47. I like going out to eat

48. My house is messy and so I have maids

49. I love that my husband has a big extended family

50. I don't want to have children... but I wouldn't mind maybe having foster kids (my husband doesn't know this)


Melanie said...

What, you don't count the Dallas Temple???

Slovebunny said...

Fixed it! I can't believe I forgot :0

Stephanie said...

You can borrow my kids for a week or so, it would be just like having foster kids. :-)

Slovebunny said...

Well i'd love to borrow your kids...that would be so great then I could do all the things you need kids to do :)
I do wish you lived up here so I could borrow them ever now and again.

Stephanie said...

The closest fire to us is about 8 miles away. It's burning in Anaheim now, my friend lives right by disney and says it looked like it was snowing there was so much ash at her house! At least you're not at disneyland this weekend! :-)