Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Migraine Again....

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning lately I am so perky and I can't wait to get going I am almost giddy. Its crazy. Since I've started WW's I don't know what's come over me...Seriously. I feel like a new person. But then I am brought back to reality when this strikes, when I am brought down with migraines. This is the 2nd week in the row now. Last week I got a migraine on Monday too. But this week I not only got one Monday (I got one Monday practically all day w/ nausea lasting just about all day) I also woke up this morning with the most incredible throbbing pain in my head along with a horrbile sound sensitivity thing going on. I knew about the sound when the alarm went off and it felt like the alarm was about 10 times louder then normal. So then I felt the throbbing of my head. I tried laying in bed a little and willing my pain away. You know since I already was gone from work yesterday. I feel bad since I'm helping out at another office and its a huge pain to get someone else. But alas I wasn't going to be able to do anything I got up took some of my onset meds and called my boss. Fortunately today he was up. I mean usually he's not up that early which is 6:15 am. I mean who wants to be up that early if you don't have to be. I told him I was sorry.

In other news I have friends coming from So Cal coming up this weekend for a visit. Yes they're the geeky WOW (world of warcraft) kind of friends. Um some coming down from Davis too. hahhahaa! I think we'll have 4 people at our house till Sat & then only 2 come Sunday. I already told them I work out on Sat mornings and usually go hiking or walking on Sunday mornings just to let them know. I didn't want to cancel that. Thats my health we're dealing with. Besides Steves here too he can keep them entertained its not that long I'm gone. I don't work out that long :)

Oh so I had a goal this month with some other friends of mine to do 400 minutes of exercise. Well I actually had a side goal to 1000 minutes of excerise. I DID it! I finished just short of 1500 mintues actually!!! So I am so excited. I hope I do well at WI tonight I will post results. I only have .4 to lose and I will be at my 20lb loss. So I am totally hoping for that tonight! {{Skinny Thoughts}}

PS Oh yea I invited my sister to post on my blog so I hope you enjoy her weird sense of humor too! She's kind of crazy
& Oh yea I'm the Mary

Hi People that read my sister's blog. Yep this is Jenni (the Mary). I've been invited to post on her blog. Not sure really on what to say. But I will pop by time to time and post a weird post:D

Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Party...

The HOA Block party was a success. Tonight I have a finialization meeting with the board. One last meeting to talk about what we can do next year. Meaning they want to have one next year. They loved. Everyone who came had a great time. They thought it was a success. The games went over well. The food was great. The drawing went well. Music was awesome. We do however need more volunteers. it was alot of work but I am so glad we did it.

Anyway just thought I would let you all know.
I will post some pictures if I can find any. I didn't take any but some of my board members had some cameras and were taking some pictures.

Well I'm a BIG LOSER!

I lost another 3.2 after my small gain coming home from Disneyland and all that walking. So I am down 19.6lbs. I have been doing WW now for 12 weeks. So 3 months. OMG can you believe it. It hasn't seemed like its been that long to me. But it has. Anyway I feel great. I feel like I'm accomplishing so much even though. 19lbs isn't so much. I mean its a lot but not. I mean I have so many more 19lbs to go. It seems overwhelming at times. Not so much that I want to give up. ONE POUND AT A TIME!
I will be a success! I know it!

So more on weight loss this just in from USA Today obesity is friendship & relationship related. They're saying your likely to hang out with other friends who are overweight. Well I do think thats true.


I hope that the reverse is true too. That weightloss is also contagious!


Friday, July 20, 2007

WOO HOO its that time of the week again......

HOT DIGGITTY DOG! ITS FRIIIIIIIDAY! You know what that means its the weekend & yea I get to what I want.
This weekend is my HOA Block Party!

I am stressing out!!! hahahha I am here working in Capitola and can't do anything from here and I'm freaking. Wondering if everything is getting done. I am worried that you know some thing will go wrong that I could have prevented. Oh well I can't stress too much. It cause MIGRAINES!

Oh my it should go well...this is our 1st one. Trail & error. We'll have to see what works and what doesn't!

Wish me luck ok hug your families and have a good weeked!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm going to be an Aunt!!!! again......

So my little sis is preggers! I am going to be an Auntie! I am so happy for her. Because she is totally happy. She isn't very far a long so yeah I know this so super premature. We shouldn't be telling people or doing anything yet. But its hard not to be excited!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter...

So I went and see Order of the Phoenix last night or this morning which ever you prefer to say. Midnight! I loved it. Well there were parts I would have liked to have seen them do. Because you know if you read the books or listen to them on tape/cd or ipod like I did (because hello who has time to read that book) then you get all this extra stuff that they just can't really put in the movie. Well if they did you know the movie would be like 5 hours. I love going to Midnight movies. I think I have shared this before but you know why. Everyone who there WANTS to be there! They're die hard fans they want to be in the frenzy of it all. Kind of like the people who stood inline to get the iphones. I mean of course their are lucky people who have seen the movie before me. At a preview or whatever. But I love being in that excitement with the other "crazies"! Its fun to be some of the first people to see movies. I like to be in the know. Plus there are usually not very many little kids at these movies. Ugh little kids in the movies really bother me.

So if you get a chance and you like Harry Potter you got see the movie. Its nice! Its rather dark but hello Lord V is back...or um he who shall not be named!!!!

So its that time of the week again WI! Well good news. I lost. 3lbs!!!!! Yep after my disappointing showing last week with the gain of .4 I got a big loss. My leader said with all my hard work last week that maybe my body was just trying to grasp its bearings. I did have a lot of activity points (working out alot)

Ok so I'm off. I'll try to write before I leave for Disneyland but no promises!
If I don't have a fab weekend! I know I will because I will be in the Happiest place on EARTH!!!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Hey its 7/6/7 almost 7/7/7

So everyone is all in the hype about tomorrow. Being lucky or all exciting. Hmmm what do you think? I think it is kind of cool. Steve and I have a trip planned for tomorrow. We're headed down south for a BBQ with some WOW friends. I'm excited its been forever since we've seen some of them. I think our Anniversary Party.

My friend Staci is also having her birthday party at the beach tomorrow. She has her birthday at the beach every year. She's just a beach baby. She is in love with the beach.

But whats not to love. They're just so fantastic. We are so incredibly blessed to live in such a wonderful place. Thats why we pay the big bucks you know. Everything is in driving distance. Everyone wants to live here....I guess.

I don't know. Its got to be something. Something to do with supply & demand, right?

Anyway I hope you have a fabulous weekend and wonderful 7/7/7! Hope its your LUCKY day!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July







Please stop for a moment and say a prayer for our servicemen. This can be very powerful.... Of all the gifts you could give a US Soldier, prayer is the very best one.