Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Migraine Again....

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning lately I am so perky and I can't wait to get going I am almost giddy. Its crazy. Since I've started WW's I don't know what's come over me...Seriously. I feel like a new person. But then I am brought back to reality when this strikes, when I am brought down with migraines. This is the 2nd week in the row now. Last week I got a migraine on Monday too. But this week I not only got one Monday (I got one Monday practically all day w/ nausea lasting just about all day) I also woke up this morning with the most incredible throbbing pain in my head along with a horrbile sound sensitivity thing going on. I knew about the sound when the alarm went off and it felt like the alarm was about 10 times louder then normal. So then I felt the throbbing of my head. I tried laying in bed a little and willing my pain away. You know since I already was gone from work yesterday. I feel bad since I'm helping out at another office and its a huge pain to get someone else. But alas I wasn't going to be able to do anything I got up took some of my onset meds and called my boss. Fortunately today he was up. I mean usually he's not up that early which is 6:15 am. I mean who wants to be up that early if you don't have to be. I told him I was sorry.

In other news I have friends coming from So Cal coming up this weekend for a visit. Yes they're the geeky WOW (world of warcraft) kind of friends. Um some coming down from Davis too. hahhahaa! I think we'll have 4 people at our house till Sat & then only 2 come Sunday. I already told them I work out on Sat mornings and usually go hiking or walking on Sunday mornings just to let them know. I didn't want to cancel that. Thats my health we're dealing with. Besides Steves here too he can keep them entertained its not that long I'm gone. I don't work out that long :)

Oh so I had a goal this month with some other friends of mine to do 400 minutes of exercise. Well I actually had a side goal to 1000 minutes of excerise. I DID it! I finished just short of 1500 mintues actually!!! So I am so excited. I hope I do well at WI tonight I will post results. I only have .4 to lose and I will be at my 20lb loss. So I am totally hoping for that tonight! {{Skinny Thoughts}}

PS Oh yea I invited my sister to post on my blog so I hope you enjoy her weird sense of humor too! She's kind of crazy
& Oh yea I'm the Mary


Jenni said...

Your the Rhoda!!! I'M the Mary

Slovebunny said...

Oh whatever! Rhoda...your a Mary wantabe!

Jenni said...

Dear Rhoda

Wow I know you were feeling kinda ill but I think you need to go see the DR cuz you don't even know who YOU ARE..

Love Mary