Thursday, July 26, 2007

Well I'm a BIG LOSER!

I lost another 3.2 after my small gain coming home from Disneyland and all that walking. So I am down 19.6lbs. I have been doing WW now for 12 weeks. So 3 months. OMG can you believe it. It hasn't seemed like its been that long to me. But it has. Anyway I feel great. I feel like I'm accomplishing so much even though. 19lbs isn't so much. I mean its a lot but not. I mean I have so many more 19lbs to go. It seems overwhelming at times. Not so much that I want to give up. ONE POUND AT A TIME!
I will be a success! I know it!

So more on weight loss this just in from USA Today obesity is friendship & relationship related. They're saying your likely to hang out with other friends who are overweight. Well I do think thats true.

I hope that the reverse is true too. That weightloss is also contagious!