Friday, July 6, 2007

Hey its 7/6/7 almost 7/7/7

So everyone is all in the hype about tomorrow. Being lucky or all exciting. Hmmm what do you think? I think it is kind of cool. Steve and I have a trip planned for tomorrow. We're headed down south for a BBQ with some WOW friends. I'm excited its been forever since we've seen some of them. I think our Anniversary Party.

My friend Staci is also having her birthday party at the beach tomorrow. She has her birthday at the beach every year. She's just a beach baby. She is in love with the beach.

But whats not to love. They're just so fantastic. We are so incredibly blessed to live in such a wonderful place. Thats why we pay the big bucks you know. Everything is in driving distance. Everyone wants to live here....I guess.

I don't know. Its got to be something. Something to do with supply & demand, right?

Anyway I hope you have a fabulous weekend and wonderful 7/7/7! Hope its your LUCKY day!