Thursday, June 28, 2007

Is this week over yet?

Dang this week is taking the longest ever...

Really it is! I don't know why I just thought when I woke up this morning yea its Friday but then sunk down again and was like ah shucks no its not still Thursday. Ever had that feeling? Yea if you work full time Monday-Friday work week you know what I mean. You gotta! I'm sure even those guys at google do every once in awhile.

So I went to yet another HOA board meeting last night. It was our Annual meeting to let our community know what we accomplished through out the year & whos running for the board. We also had our little committee meeting (the whole 3 of us) who are doing the Block Party. So now we don't have to meet tonight. WOO HOO! I'm Free! So since we were finishing up the one meeting a few others stayed behind to hear what we were discussing with the Block party so it was nice to get some other feed back.
I mean it kind of feels like a dictorship party. Hhahahaa MY PARTY! But hey thats how I like it :) Nah I do want others to be the blame if it sucks. No really I think people are actually starting to get excited though. I think I do rub that off on people. Even though they hate to admit. I add the HAPPY!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I lost another 3.8! Yea...Say WOO HOO!

So I was very happy with my WI last night. Almost shocked because I kind of thought I hadn't lost any. Monday night I was talking with Jen after our "last chance" workout. Telling her I thought wow I feel like I haven't lost any weight but I've stuck to my plan and did worked out like 4 times this past week. I also have been walking at work practically every day. Jen helped me remember that I've taken my measurements and what I'm doing will work.
Slowly but surely it will work.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sharks draft Logan Couture

Not sure exactly what that means but we did also trade away goalie Vesa Toskala and Left Wing Mark Bell to the Maple Leafs. I don't really understand all the workings of the coach & management when they do the trading the team adjustments. Hopefully they have a GOOD plan. A Great plan. A WINNING PLAN!


Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh in other news...

Paid for 1/2 of my Seasons tickets to Sharks. Or I guess thats 1 seat. Hahhaha my seat not Steve's. The next payment due August 24th. I'm still going to look and maybe move my seats, but most likely will stay where I am at, but we'll see they're changing the score board and stuff so it might change things so I always want to keep my options open. Tickets went up a little. Not surprised though. They were sold out practically every game last year. So Duh knew that was gonna happen!

Ah Summer is here & its FRIDAY!!!

Feel like relaxing sipping on a nice drink (um lemonade) by the pool. Hehehehe after I swim some laps of course.

So yesterday being the 1st day of summer & all it was nice. The sun stayed out till around almost 9 I guess. I had to meet with my HOA block party commitee. Ok so its only 2 people. Hahhahaa. We work on things every Thursday to get ready for the party. We want to make sure we're ready. & This being the 1st party + there only being 3 of us to work out things it gets to be a bit overwhelming at times to get all the things done. There are little things that need to get done here and there.
So anyway we only met for like almost an hour. Which was great. I got to go home and garden a little.

I re-potted a few plants and changed things around in my back patio area. My back fence was worked on yesterday while I was at work. Because it was getting very hard to get in and out. My friends were really starting to complain. They were kind of laughing too since I was on the board and all. So since I was there last wednesday for the meeting I said something to the head maintenance guy. Since he's there and always gives us reports of whats going on complexes.

So I don't have anything too exciting planned for this weekend...or at least I can't remember anything planned right now. Just happy its Friday!!!!! Made it another week!
Happy Dance

Happy Dance

Happy Dance

Happy Dance

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Getting into a bad habit....

Of not posting. Which isn't good. I want to post then I just run out of time or engery to run here and type something.

So lets see Weekend in review:
Went to workout with Jen on Saturday, I went to her 24 hour fitness because she said she wanted to sleep in. Then she ended up not even sleeping in like she wanted oh well her loss. We ate breakfest at her place. She made me my 4 egg white omlete. Yum! Then we went with Wendy to see Shrek 3. That movie was ok not great but it was ok. I could have waited I guess and seen it on DVD.

I finally got my pedometer.

Sunday I hung out with my husband mostly. We went grocery shopping. Dang food is expensive. You think if you have to cook it yourself it would be cheaper right. Hahhaha I mean it is. But it should be severly discounted.

*Friday I bought 2 new games for the Wii Mario Party 8 is AWESOME! I already have played it 3 times. I had Norman & Lisa play with me Friday night. Norman won. Then I made Steve come downstairs (pried him from the computer) and play me and I beat him Yea :) & Just last night I had Mat & Laura over to play. Mat was a bit confused with the controls. I just love the game. Its fun.

In weight loss news: I lost another 1 lb and Laura OMG she lost 4.2lbs this week. So we got our 5lb stickers at our WW meetings last night!!! It was so great. We were the only ones! So we were special. It was funny too. The meeting leader was like oh look its the friends. Their our losers for tonight. And they're both at the same loss. So I am at 10.4lbs Same with Laura. A huge sack of Potatoes.

So anyway excited that its working anyway.
We have plans for Laura's Bachelorette party mostly planned. We have the hotel booked. All of us pretty much have our flights booked. Except I think Staci. But she has the vouchers so its just a matter of legistics now. So its really gonna happen now. Yea I'm so excited. Now we've planned another garage sale. For another fundraisier. For Mat's Bachelor Party...I think. Or some party money for Vegas. We can use the money for some dinners in Vegas or stuff like that. I don't know. I also bought some more cornish game hens while grocery shopping to make for a dinner. I've been slacking on the dinners.

Anyway I need to post more so its not so long. Dang!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I got a budget of $1200 to plan my block party! WOO HOO. Can you believe it. Ok so you have no idea how cheap the members of my board are. & let me tell you there were a few arguments or disagreements. But 2 people went home early. Well technically it wasn't so early but our board meeting go so fricking long its just crazy. Jeana even cut out early because she wanted to sleep. Good thing I didn't need her vote. So the lady I am on the committee with helped me pass the budget because basically we were like the only members besides one other guy who like really liked all the research and all the numbers I came up with. He totally supported me. I had even opened my budget up for discussion by lowering the budget by $200 but he said he wouldn't support that he wanted it as is. One thing though a member had mentioned that neither one of us had thought of was maybe one of the business around here might sponor or donate something for our block party to promote their business. Which was a great idea and always worth a try. Like real estate agents. One of the real estate agents might want to sponor our sno cone machine rental if we have their flyer and business cards on that table. Or maybe the burrito factory would donate napkins to our party or chips & salsa. I thought that was a great idea.
Anyway worth a shot!
Anyway I am so excited to plan my party now!!!! I have a great budget and am not so worried about money so much anymore. I mean before I was like omg they aren't going to approve this or that. I mean I will definitely try not to spend it all because after all this is my money as much as it is theirs. But I want to have a nice party too. I think our community needs this.

On a completely different note I feel like crap its TOM and I feel Nauseous, crampy and totally like I am getting a migraine. I know I am up typing on the computer but I can't sleep. which is stupid I know. I want to lay down. But I am just so uncomfortable. UGH it really sucks being a woman sometimes you know. I think I am going to go back to bed and lay down. Take some meds.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

America the Free?

Today Mat becomes a citizen. So I am getting off work early to go with him & Laura to the ceremony. It should be interesting & fun, maybe. I am excited for him.

Afterward we're going to go for dinner at what's more American then BBQ. hahhahaha. We were trying to think of something and I was like um I can't think of specific American dishes, When I think American I think apple pie or BBQ on 4th of July. SO we're off to Franks. And since Mat hasn't had a chance to go there yet he is happy to get to go. Its just not so WW friendly. SO I have to be careful on what I get to eat.

I did however lose 2.8lbs at WI (weigh in) I'm excited and not. It feels like it should be more. I don't know it seems like I am doing so much. I just feel like complaining. Its so much effort to lose weight and not any effort to gain it. Its just so much easier to not care. Anyway thats my gripe for the week. Whatever.

Till Next time! God Bless you & your family

Monday, June 11, 2007

What can I say its Monday

I'm at work....the weekend is much to short. Who invented the 5 day work week. They suck!

So I had a pretty good weekend. I went to the gym on Saturday and did my 35 minutes on my favorite machine. Yea! Guess what it wasn't killing me. I don't know why. But a day off from the gym helped I guess. I totally kicked BUTT! I'm sure the girls next to me were like shut up and stop trying to sing along. Because I would every now and then kind of sort of try and say sing to my ipod. Its loud in my ears and makes me want to DANCE!

Afterwards went to our (Lisa, Norman & I) weekly breakfast place. Had an omelet. The waiter already knows us. We sub fruit for hash browns. We want dry wheat toast. I also always want egg whites not egg beaters hahahha :)

Had my Luau but sadly I have no pictures. In the whole scheme of things I just forgot to bring my camera. I've just been so busy. I don't even know why trying to be healthy takes so much effort or time it just does. So sorry but you'll just have to dream about what went on. Just let me tell you the water was too cold for any of the the adults to go swimming. Except Clarissa (*16) not exactly an adult but not a kid either. And then Nadine she is just crazy went in too. The boys they are crazy. That water was FREEZING! Trenton looked like he was turning blue. OK maybe just his lips but OMG!

On Sunday went walking with Laura & Wendy I was 5 minutes tardy because I had to stop and get gas. Wendy called me right at 9:30 asking where I was. Dang no slack given with those two. We walked a good 1 1/2 hours. Campbell trail it was crazy busy. I got a blister. Which sent me on a sock adventure. I was then in search of socks, the perfect sock one that will prevent my feet from blistering.
I also bought new cross training shoes and a purple tennis racket (um its the same a Laura's).

Oh we all (Mat, Laura, Wendy & I) went and seen Oceans 13. Great movie! I loved it. Funny Funny great jokes. They crack me up. Plus they are kinda cute.
So oh well its another work week.

But in other news Mat is becoming a US citizen on Wednesday and I'm going to watch him be swore in or sworn in or whatever take the oath. Yea! I am excited for him. He can vote and B*tch about the country. hehehhe

Friday, June 8, 2007

Hey Hey Hey Its FRIDAY!!!

So yea its my weekend again. Well its every ones weekend, um that is if you are lucky enough to not work on Saturday & Sunday.
Happy Friday to all & Have a great Weekend!!!

Have big Luau party scheduled for tomorrow. Have lots of cheesy party decorations and food planned out. (ok not really cheesy food. but there is some cheese involved) I have some nice little party favors that I picked up from my favorite little Oriental trading company. I will take some pictures and post them of my party maybe after the weekend.

Last night I met up with one of the other HOA board members who is helping me plan our 1st Annual HOA Block Party. I am getting so excited. I hope I can get the other members of our board excited too. They are kinda um well. Cheap and fuddy duddy. SO I hope they don't automatically just rule out every idea. I don't think they realize we need this for our community. Anyway I will keep you posted on my party. I met with the full board on Wednesday.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Death by Elliptical...

or so it seems like I could just die. Well so it won't kill me to workout. It just feels like that sometimes. UGH! Thats why its called WORKING out. Oh MY!!!! So tonight I struggled through my 25 minutes. I don't go for very long. I know it seems it should be a piece of cake. But I don't know it is like the LONGEST 25 minutes ever. I went last night after I did a lot of running around. I just felt sluggish and felt as if I needed to get into the gym. Especially since I hadn't been swimming in a few days (its been kind of chilly) I made a quick trip. 25 minutes and then stretched and I was back home. Less then an hour round trip.

I just don't know what it was tonight. At about 5 minutes I was like god I don't want to do this. I can get off go do the bike or something else. Then at 10 minutes I am talking to myself again saying um I could go lift weights. Then at about 14 minutes I'm thinking I'm almost done but I could just go do something easier. @ about 18 minutes I was like well I practically did it all so that counts, right? OH my I was making deals with myself left & right to stay on that machine.

Anyway I am so tired and ready for bed now.

Oh I am down another 1.2 so a total of 8.8 for 4 weeks. Woo Hoo...Yea me!

Monday, June 4, 2007

So just another manic MONDAY

SO what I stole a title of a song. I felt like a chicken with my head cut off at work today. The only good factors about being so busy. Was #1 that the people who cause all the drama weren't in so the tension at work wasn't there. #2 The day went by so fast that it was over before I remember the day starting. I mean it was like I started work. Then I had break. Worked. Then lunch. Then worked. Then break. Then we were closing. It was crazy busy. We had a line most of the day. People weren't mean. At least not to our faces. Having it be not so stressful with your coworkers helps tremendously too!

Went to Cheese Cake Factory tonight. I was so good. I ate so well. I had salmon and broccoli. I had a side salad instead of fries. It was a great night. I am so ready for bed. I'm pretty tired.

Anyway thought I would just log on quick and just add that today was crazy crazy MONDAY!

Oh my the Weekends gone...

So anyway I've been waking up earlier then I ever use to. I don't sleep in on my weekends anymore. Its crazy. I don't know why I've planned it this way its kind of nuts actually. hahhahaa! Anyway on Saturday I went and workout again with the girls Lisa & Jen. It was hard getting up or getting over there. I woke up early. I am kind of at a point where I might not even have to set an alarm anymore. Crazy huh? I worked hard on the elliptical I did 25 minutes and then a few weights. Jen was also on an elliptical but a far away section from me. Lisa stuck to the tredmill. She seems to think that she doesn't have the balance for the "e" machine.
Afterwards we did our routine of going out for morning breakfest. A job well done. Have some else make us breakfest. I was quite busy the rest of the day running around until almost 10pm then I hung garage sale signs. I went to bed around 11pm so I get up early for Sunday.

The garage sale. OMG I haven't had to get up at 6am in for-um never :) Well I got up and ready headed over to pick up Norman and headed over to Stacis. We had to hang a few more signs because we had to tape some up. The garage sale started out kind of not so great I thought but started to pick up after the 1st 1/2 hour or so and then about 3pm we started to pack it up. We made a little over $500. We have just just shy of $725 saved for our fabulous Vegas trip now.

In other news I have a second cousin her name is Hazel Jayne she was born June 1st 10:30pm. She was 5 lbs 10 oz. and 19 3/4 in. long. Here is a picture of the happy family.

The Happy father is David & mother is Janelle. They are cousins on Steves side of the family. They live in Salt Lake Utah. The baby was a few weeks early but is doing just fine. So their family is doing just great the only problem was their house wasn't quite ready for the baby but nothing that can't be fixed by a few helping hands.

Friday, June 1, 2007

The weekend is upon us again...

So its Friday! It was a short week. Although at times. Ecspecially at work it felt long. Right now there is a lot a tenison and many issues that aren't working themselves out so it seems like the 9 hours I'm at work are like 20. Hopefully it will somehow get resolved. Because it feels like I'm in highschool or whatever. My boss always says "oh you don't have to like each other or be friends." Yea Yea I get it. But when someone says hi to you. Then they should have the common courtsey as a human being to say hi back. You say hi to strangers on the road. I mean come on.

IN other news for Friday June 1st. Its SUMMER! I have a game tonight. Sabercats again. Stevie and I will be going with our friends from the Sharks games. The people who sit behind us durning the games we gave them Dads tickets. Because Madeleines Bday is tomorrow and their out of town. I have no idea where to.

Garage sale this weekend. Wish us luck to make lots of money!