Thursday, June 28, 2007

Is this week over yet?

Dang this week is taking the longest ever...

Really it is! I don't know why I just thought when I woke up this morning yea its Friday but then sunk down again and was like ah shucks no its not still Thursday. Ever had that feeling? Yea if you work full time Monday-Friday work week you know what I mean. You gotta! I'm sure even those guys at google do every once in awhile.

So I went to yet another HOA board meeting last night. It was our Annual meeting to let our community know what we accomplished through out the year & whos running for the board. We also had our little committee meeting (the whole 3 of us) who are doing the Block Party. So now we don't have to meet tonight. WOO HOO! I'm Free! So since we were finishing up the one meeting a few others stayed behind to hear what we were discussing with the Block party so it was nice to get some other feed back.
I mean it kind of feels like a dictorship party. Hhahahaa MY PARTY! But hey thats how I like it :) Nah I do want others to be the blame if it sucks. No really I think people are actually starting to get excited though. I think I do rub that off on people. Even though they hate to admit. I add the HAPPY!