Thursday, June 14, 2007


I got a budget of $1200 to plan my block party! WOO HOO. Can you believe it. Ok so you have no idea how cheap the members of my board are. & let me tell you there were a few arguments or disagreements. But 2 people went home early. Well technically it wasn't so early but our board meeting go so fricking long its just crazy. Jeana even cut out early because she wanted to sleep. Good thing I didn't need her vote. So the lady I am on the committee with helped me pass the budget because basically we were like the only members besides one other guy who like really liked all the research and all the numbers I came up with. He totally supported me. I had even opened my budget up for discussion by lowering the budget by $200 but he said he wouldn't support that he wanted it as is. One thing though a member had mentioned that neither one of us had thought of was maybe one of the business around here might sponor or donate something for our block party to promote their business. Which was a great idea and always worth a try. Like real estate agents. One of the real estate agents might want to sponor our sno cone machine rental if we have their flyer and business cards on that table. Or maybe the burrito factory would donate napkins to our party or chips & salsa. I thought that was a great idea.
Anyway worth a shot!
Anyway I am so excited to plan my party now!!!! I have a great budget and am not so worried about money so much anymore. I mean before I was like omg they aren't going to approve this or that. I mean I will definitely try not to spend it all because after all this is my money as much as it is theirs. But I want to have a nice party too. I think our community needs this.

On a completely different note I feel like crap its TOM and I feel Nauseous, crampy and totally like I am getting a migraine. I know I am up typing on the computer but I can't sleep. which is stupid I know. I want to lay down. But I am just so uncomfortable. UGH it really sucks being a woman sometimes you know. I think I am going to go back to bed and lay down. Take some meds.