Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I lost another 3.8! Yea...Say WOO HOO!

So I was very happy with my WI last night. Almost shocked because I kind of thought I hadn't lost any. Monday night I was talking with Jen after our "last chance" workout. Telling her I thought wow I feel like I haven't lost any weight but I've stuck to my plan and did worked out like 4 times this past week. I also have been walking at work practically every day. Jen helped me remember that I've taken my measurements and what I'm doing will work.
Slowly but surely it will work.


OC Mama said...


Yay mar. :-)

OC Mama said...

I'm still trying to decide about disney. I really want to go, but we don't have passes anymore, my friend Kathy usually gets me in, but her pass gets blocked out for a month starting that day.

The one day tickets are like $70 now so I'm not sure it's in the budget. LOL