Monday, June 11, 2007

What can I say its Monday

I'm at work....the weekend is much to short. Who invented the 5 day work week. They suck!

So I had a pretty good weekend. I went to the gym on Saturday and did my 35 minutes on my favorite machine. Yea! Guess what it wasn't killing me. I don't know why. But a day off from the gym helped I guess. I totally kicked BUTT! I'm sure the girls next to me were like shut up and stop trying to sing along. Because I would every now and then kind of sort of try and say sing to my ipod. Its loud in my ears and makes me want to DANCE!

Afterwards went to our (Lisa, Norman & I) weekly breakfast place. Had an omelet. The waiter already knows us. We sub fruit for hash browns. We want dry wheat toast. I also always want egg whites not egg beaters hahahha :)

Had my Luau but sadly I have no pictures. In the whole scheme of things I just forgot to bring my camera. I've just been so busy. I don't even know why trying to be healthy takes so much effort or time it just does. So sorry but you'll just have to dream about what went on. Just let me tell you the water was too cold for any of the the adults to go swimming. Except Clarissa (*16) not exactly an adult but not a kid either. And then Nadine she is just crazy went in too. The boys they are crazy. That water was FREEZING! Trenton looked like he was turning blue. OK maybe just his lips but OMG!

On Sunday went walking with Laura & Wendy I was 5 minutes tardy because I had to stop and get gas. Wendy called me right at 9:30 asking where I was. Dang no slack given with those two. We walked a good 1 1/2 hours. Campbell trail it was crazy busy. I got a blister. Which sent me on a sock adventure. I was then in search of socks, the perfect sock one that will prevent my feet from blistering.
I also bought new cross training shoes and a purple tennis racket (um its the same a Laura's).

Oh we all (Mat, Laura, Wendy & I) went and seen Oceans 13. Great movie! I loved it. Funny Funny great jokes. They crack me up. Plus they are kinda cute.
So oh well its another work week.

But in other news Mat is becoming a US citizen on Wednesday and I'm going to watch him be swore in or sworn in or whatever take the oath. Yea! I am excited for him. He can vote and B*tch about the country. hehehhe