Friday, September 21, 2007

YoU kNoW wHaT I lOvE....

FRIDAYS! Friday's that are paydays & that I have the 1st Sharks game of the season! Woo Hoo its that time of the year time for my boys of Hockey to start playing the game I love!!! I have a game tomorrow too. Crazy huh!

The weather here is craziness. Its cold. I know its CA how can it be cold. I don't know either but it is. Its already snowing in Tahoe. My friends are scheduled to get married their in 6 weeks and wow I wonder if there will be snow on the ground.

So there are so many shows starting next week I am so excited. Survivor started last night. It was interesting. Its in China. The team who I wanted to win did. The other team was whinny.

Oh so while I was in Vegas a Pepsi machine stole $1.25 from me and wouldn't give me a water or soda or my money back. So I totally called into Pepsi and complained because I was super thirsty and mad. Yea I know hello it was only $1 but you know it was the principal. Anyway guess what. Last night in the mail I got 2 coupons one for a free 6 pack of 20 ounce bottles of water and then the other is for a 6 pack of 20 ounce bottles of any brand Pepsi soda. Cool huh. Way for me to complain and get something way better then my water in return.

So anyway have a fabulous weekend! Hug your families as my one friend Janice always says!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm down 10%

So I finally did it. It took 19 weeks on program but I lost 32.6 pounds which is just over 10% loss of my starting weight. Thats the biggest celebrated goal for WW's. Well I mean the 1st big one. They celebrate you a lot at WW's but @ 10% they are so very happy its hard not to get emotional for yourself. I was almost crying. This really is the 1st time in a long time that I felt so very succesful at anything. I know it sounds really dorky. But seriously. I am so happy that this program is so easy for me to follow. It doesn't right now at least seem very hard. & I can eat a little bit of just about anything I want. There are no "bad" foods. I mean for so many years in my continuous struggle over weightloss and gain you can have this or can't have that. It just starts to get SO old. Anyway enough of my ranting and going on and on about my life and weightloss.

You probably want to hear about my Vegas trip huh...
Well it was GREAT! I had a blast. I went to see Price is Right the stage show where I wasn't chosen but it was fun all the same. The cost was $50 but you did have chance to win a car. Crazy huh. It was fun and exciting just like I imagine the real show is. I gambled a lot. Playing blackjack. I WON! I payed for my whole trip and came back with more money then I left with.
I had a wonderful 80 minute massage. I also was one of those crazy people who used the hotel gym. It was really nice by the way. 24 hour fitness could stand to learn a few things from that hotel gym. It was great! But then again our dues aren't the price of the room rates there either.

I will post pics soon as I get some from my friends :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

WI last night had good results...

So I am down 2.6 this week so I FINALLY hit the trimuph of losing over 30lbs. Just over. I am at 30.4! So I only have 1 1/2lbs to go to make it to my goal of losing 10% of my weight since I started this WW's journey. It seems like a long time yet not really. Does that make sense?

I have a huge crazy weekend planned with many challenges ahead. With a lot of tempations. I will see if I can with stand my peers and the presures of my self wanting to eat all the "good" (that aren't so good for you) foods Vegas has to offer. I will not have my husband there to keep me on my toes either. They don't call Vegas "sin" city for nothing. My guilt will be food driven. I will try and be prepared, stick to doing WW at best as I can because this is the lifestyle I am choosing and I do need to learn to stay in control.

Plus nothing tastes any better after the 2nd bite anyway!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Its been 6 years but I still remember...

Last night as I listen to the news they were interviewing people on how they were going to remember those who were lost in the tragic events on September 11th 2001. Some people were really into what they were going to do such as doing some sort of "good deed" while others were just going to brush it off as any other day of the year. I guess that happens. Unless something significantly effects you; then it just isn't as important or doesn't really matter as much anymore.

I guess I am just different. Because I still remember and I'm still affected. I mean I didn't really alter my life, I didn't stop flying or anything like that. But I do think I try not to take my life for granted as much. I try to travel and do all the things I can with my husband & friends. I try to be the best person I can in this life time.
Anyway I guess the point is I just can't believe people can forget. Some even forget what year 2 planes took down the twin towers of World Trade center, 1 plane crashed into the Pentagon & 1 plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Wow work can be pretty boring sometimes...

So I am over working at a different office again. This time not Capitola though. I'm in Cupertino. Just down the road from my husband. We're going to carpool home tonight because I'm coming back tomorrow morning to work here too. Craziness this resource sharing. But I guess its good for me :) Because I get to run around to different places and work. Variety for me. Its the spice of life you know.

OMG I had the biggest dinner ever last night. Since I've started WW I've been really careful not to go this crazy overboard. But it just seemed like I just I don't know had no control over eatting. I was so full. Even until this morning. I couldn't eat any breakfast because I was still stuffed from what I had ate from dinner. Yeah it was that bad. Anyway I need to find that balance. Because that was just crazy. I hope I didn't ruin my WI for this week. Anyway I did exercise a lot for yesterday before going to eat so hopefully I didn't gain a bunch but who knows with this crazy body of mine???

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Only .6 but I'll take it!!!

So its the 1st WI of the month which means that time of the month for women when their the most crabby & retaining water. If you know what I mean. Well I went to WI and I lost. Amazingly it was just over 1/2lb. Yea I know not much but think of this:

This is a 1/2 pound of butter! I lost this!!!!

I can do this! 1 day @ a time!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wow its September & summer is gone...

Today is already the 4th of September its so CRAZY. As a young child once my birthday had come & gone I knew summer was over. Because that was the mark of school starting. I pretty much always got some school clothes for my birthday but then it was nice because that meant I got extra stuff. Anyway now I am an adult and I can't believe how fast the year just cruises by.

So I guess thats why when people always ask your going here or there I always say HECK YEA. You know how quick our lives go and you never notice. Well I want to have been able to say I did something other then work all of it! Doesn't that saying go work hard but PLAY HARDER!
hahahaha well I hardly classify my job as a work hard kind of that means I can play kind of hard and still get awasy with a fun life...RIGHT?

Well the trip I have scheduled for this month is Vegas. Yep thats right. The lights, money, glitter & cheesy shows! Its not techniquely my trip though its for Laura. Its her bacherolette party. I helped a lot with making it a reality. Raising money (fundraising cooking dinner...we had garage sales too) & then I reserved the rooms but we had the money already for them. I am getting so excited. Because I LOVE VEGAS! I really like gambling, well when I win. I guess everyone loves to win. But I love being in the Casino hanging around the lights & music...its intoxicating. We have massages booked too. I can't wait!!!

So no Disneyland for me this month...not till November. But I will be able to live with just a small trip to Vegas baby!
-Ok well make sure you schedule some vacation & live today because you never know you might not have tomorrow!!!

Hug your families :)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Unfortunately I have sad news....

My sister had a miscarriage. Its very sad and we're kind of just taking it all in right now asking the typical questions of why? How? What could have been different. I know that everything happens for a reason. I am sure there is a plan here. But for right now I just want to help my sister get through this. She is pretty upset.