Friday, September 21, 2007

YoU kNoW wHaT I lOvE....

FRIDAYS! Friday's that are paydays & that I have the 1st Sharks game of the season! Woo Hoo its that time of the year time for my boys of Hockey to start playing the game I love!!! I have a game tomorrow too. Crazy huh!

The weather here is craziness. Its cold. I know its CA how can it be cold. I don't know either but it is. Its already snowing in Tahoe. My friends are scheduled to get married their in 6 weeks and wow I wonder if there will be snow on the ground.

So there are so many shows starting next week I am so excited. Survivor started last night. It was interesting. Its in China. The team who I wanted to win did. The other team was whinny.

Oh so while I was in Vegas a Pepsi machine stole $1.25 from me and wouldn't give me a water or soda or my money back. So I totally called into Pepsi and complained because I was super thirsty and mad. Yea I know hello it was only $1 but you know it was the principal. Anyway guess what. Last night in the mail I got 2 coupons one for a free 6 pack of 20 ounce bottles of water and then the other is for a 6 pack of 20 ounce bottles of any brand Pepsi soda. Cool huh. Way for me to complain and get something way better then my water in return.

So anyway have a fabulous weekend! Hug your families as my one friend Janice always says!