Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm down 10%

So I finally did it. It took 19 weeks on program but I lost 32.6 pounds which is just over 10% loss of my starting weight. Thats the biggest celebrated goal for WW's. Well I mean the 1st big one. They celebrate you a lot at WW's but @ 10% they are so very happy its hard not to get emotional for yourself. I was almost crying. This really is the 1st time in a long time that I felt so very succesful at anything. I know it sounds really dorky. But seriously. I am so happy that this program is so easy for me to follow. It doesn't right now at least seem very hard. & I can eat a little bit of just about anything I want. There are no "bad" foods. I mean for so many years in my continuous struggle over weightloss and gain you can have this or can't have that. It just starts to get SO old. Anyway enough of my ranting and going on and on about my life and weightloss.

You probably want to hear about my Vegas trip huh...
Well it was GREAT! I had a blast. I went to see Price is Right the stage show where I wasn't chosen but it was fun all the same. The cost was $50 but you did have chance to win a car. Crazy huh. It was fun and exciting just like I imagine the real show is. I gambled a lot. Playing blackjack. I WON! I payed for my whole trip and came back with more money then I left with.
I had a wonderful 80 minute massage. I also was one of those crazy people who used the hotel gym. It was really nice by the way. 24 hour fitness could stand to learn a few things from that hotel gym. It was great! But then again our dues aren't the price of the room rates there either.

I will post pics soon as I get some from my friends :)


OC Mama said...

Congrats on your 10%!

I'm glad you're doing so well with it. I will be doing WW again after I have this baby. You'd be amazed at how many points you get for nursing a baby. LOL

Miss you!