Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Its been 6 years but I still remember...

Last night as I listen to the news they were interviewing people on how they were going to remember those who were lost in the tragic events on September 11th 2001. Some people were really into what they were going to do such as doing some sort of "good deed" while others were just going to brush it off as any other day of the year. I guess that happens. Unless something significantly effects you; then it just isn't as important or doesn't really matter as much anymore.

I guess I am just different. Because I still remember and I'm still affected. I mean I didn't really alter my life, I didn't stop flying or anything like that. But I do think I try not to take my life for granted as much. I try to travel and do all the things I can with my husband & friends. I try to be the best person I can in this life time.
Anyway I guess the point is I just can't believe people can forget. Some even forget what year 2 planes took down the twin towers of World Trade center, 1 plane crashed into the Pentagon & 1 plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.


OC Mama said...

People are funny about that stuff I guess. Jeff is a little weird about it all, but he was there in NYC when it happened, so I guess it's different to him.