Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wow its September & summer is gone...

Today is already the 4th of September its so CRAZY. As a young child once my birthday had come & gone I knew summer was over. Because that was the mark of school starting. I pretty much always got some school clothes for my birthday but then it was nice because that meant I got extra stuff. Anyway now I am an adult and I can't believe how fast the year just cruises by.

So I guess thats why when people always ask your going here or there I always say HECK YEA. You know how quick our lives go and you never notice. Well I want to have been able to say I did something other then work all of it! Doesn't that saying go work hard but PLAY HARDER!
hahahaha well I hardly classify my job as a work hard kind of job...so that means I can play kind of hard and still get awasy with a fun life...RIGHT?

Well the trip I have scheduled for this month is Vegas. Yep thats right. The lights, money, glitter & cheesy shows! Its not techniquely my trip though its for Laura. Its her bacherolette party. I helped a lot with making it a reality. Raising money (fundraising cooking dinner...we had garage sales too) & then I reserved the rooms but we had the money already for them. I am getting so excited. Because I LOVE VEGAS! I really like gambling, well when I win. I guess everyone loves to win. But I love being in the Casino hanging around the lights & music...its intoxicating. We have massages booked too. I can't wait!!!

So no Disneyland for me this month...not till November. But I will be able to live with just a small trip to Vegas baby!
-Ok well make sure you schedule some vacation & live today because you never know you might not have tomorrow!!!

Hug your families :)