Monday, September 10, 2007

Wow work can be pretty boring sometimes...

So I am over working at a different office again. This time not Capitola though. I'm in Cupertino. Just down the road from my husband. We're going to carpool home tonight because I'm coming back tomorrow morning to work here too. Craziness this resource sharing. But I guess its good for me :) Because I get to run around to different places and work. Variety for me. Its the spice of life you know.

OMG I had the biggest dinner ever last night. Since I've started WW I've been really careful not to go this crazy overboard. But it just seemed like I just I don't know had no control over eatting. I was so full. Even until this morning. I couldn't eat any breakfast because I was still stuffed from what I had ate from dinner. Yeah it was that bad. Anyway I need to find that balance. Because that was just crazy. I hope I didn't ruin my WI for this week. Anyway I did exercise a lot for yesterday before going to eat so hopefully I didn't gain a bunch but who knows with this crazy body of mine???