Tuesday, August 28, 2007

So excited...

I am winning this war! I call it a war because it seems like battle...I went to WI tonight and I lost another 3.2 lbs, I am so close to my 10% and I am just excited. So I've been on program with WW 16 weeks (4 months) I am down 27.4 pounds total!
I am really feeling like I am accomplishing something. I feel like I am really going to lose this weight and keep it off. I am actually enjoying working out and doing more activity.

This weekend Steve goes away for boys camping with his Dad & brother. He'll be gone for like 4 days :( I hate when he leaves me. But I understand he wants boys time. So he must go every year away. I will spend time with my friends and do stuff with them. Movies. play Wii & work out!

16 1/2 inches. So far

Thats how many inches I lost from various parts of my body since I've start this weightloss process. Seems like alot. I can't believe it. So now I am not so upset with only losing 25 pounds so far. I mean 25 pounds is alot but it isn't anywhere near as much weight as I am use to losing on any other weightloss program/diet I've ever done in the past. But then again those have never work. So I don't care about the past anymore. I am only looking onward toward the future. photo taken By J Floor Anthonial cove of Ngaio Rock, Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

So sometimes when I think I have this whole weightloss thing under control and I can handle all the stress of food challenges you add family pressure into the mix. Now I know I have been dieting more then 85% of the time I have been married to my husband. SO at this point it is problem ridiculous to them that I even contuine to try. But I don't know sometimes I think what does it take. Does it take for me to have diabetes or some other type of REAL illness to get them to let me be very careful and picky about when & what I am eatting. Of course I am not perfect and I am not claiming I will remain as clean, level headed or as in control as I was trying to be this weekend. But everytime it seemed I turned around or at least thats how it felt to me. My family didn't believe I should try to be eatting right. I know they don't understand what points are or how many points this is or that is. & Yes technically I can eat anything I want on WW's but if I can eat 2 cups of food A and be full and only 1/4 of food B for the same points. I want to eat food A. Well most of the time I want to eat food A. Because I don't want to be hungry in 1/2 hour. I want to have energy. I don't know I understand it probably hard for them to. It easy for them they've been realtively the same size since I've know them. I've been gaining & losing the same 100lbs since I've been with there family the last 12 years.
Its just drives me crazy. I have food issues and it doesn't matter to them because they don't have the same issues. Just me.
Anyway I am done with my rant & rave.

I am just lucky I have such a supportive husband who lets me choose where to eat and when & what to eat. Because without him I think I would have totally lost it this weekend. He helped me hold it together. Definitely!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The weekend in review...

Oh my I've been busy, but then again whats new. Aren't we as American's more busy now then ever. We never take time to breath. Friday night after work I rushed home from Capitola. (Yea I had to work 1/2 a days shift in Capitola..I thought I was done with that office too) Anyway I drove home and we headed over to Jen's to start helping her move her to her new place.

My Friend Jen bought herself a new home. So she doesn't have nearly as much stuff as my other friend Staci. SO we were able to get everything to her new place in one night. We had Steve's Dad's truck, Jeana's SUV & Staci's truck to move stuff. So we just packed up everything and got her all moved over. It didn't even seem to take that long. *Well comparing again to other people I've moved. I was however starving towards the end and felt like you know strangling someone. (I get that way sometimes with lack of food)
Steve and I left around 9:30pm in search of food. We had to drop off Jeff's truck because we had now had it for 2 days I didn't want to explain why we kept keeping it from him so we got it back to him.

Saturday I started like usual with my morning workout. Lisa and I visited our local 24 hour fitness. I varied my workout alot this week. I tried the stairclimber from h*ll. hhahaha I say from h*ll because you have to kind of jump up to get up onto the 1st step and then the next couple steps are natural steps. But its that 1st one is a real crazy one. I did it for only 5 minutes on the 1st level only because I didn't want to go over board the very 1st time. Plus hello you have to get down the same way you came up. Now if your legs are jello...how do you plan on getting down? It had a 2 and 1/2 minute cool down so I did a total of 7.5 minutes. Next I travel to my usual elliptical machine with the arm movement. I did that on 4th level of resistance this time for 15 minutes and then switched to weights. I did the strength training/firming for 20 minutes.

Wendy and I enjoy The Simpsons Movie although it wasn't as funny as I thought it might be.

Sunday I went walking with Staci & her dog Marly. We did a 90 minute walk on a trail. I was pretty sore and tender from the stairmaster & lifting weights in my right leg. I thought I could walk it out.
Well 90 minutes later. No such luck. After a Thai lunch. I went back to Staci's for a little time but then I was off. I was headed to Norman & Lisa's. A place with a HOT TUB.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

WW's Weigh In....

SO I've had this post going for like 4 days & so I need to finish it because I am truely Happy with the results of this weeks weigh in. I LOST 4.2!!! I am down 25.4 pounds now in 14 weeks of starting WW's.
I know this process is going to take a long time but I am so happy. I know it doesn't really seem like it because its taken me this long to finish this post. But I have been really busy.

This post is done though and I am conquering this goal! 1 pound at a time!

Happy Birthday Baby!

Today is my hubby's 29th Bday! ITs the end of his 20's I wonder if he feels old? I asked him if he's now my old man....he asked me if I'm his old woman? I said yeah whatever. Do I act old...Now no one is allowed to answer that :)

Friday, August 10, 2007


So yesterday I started bidding on auctions on ebay to gather more trading pins for my trip to Disneyland. I just LOVE the pin trading. Not only is it fun you get to see all these interesting pins that Disney has. The only problem is it is rather pricey. SO I decided this time I would try and cut the cost a little and go on Ebay and grab some pins (for trading) @ $1 to $2 a pin so that I am not spending soooooo much money. I mean dang last time I was there I think I spent just about $300 on pins. Isn't that CRAZY? Granted the big money was spent on my favorite charcter STITCH!

Anyway I need to give a few Birthday shouts outs!! My I have some family members whose birthdays just passed & a few girlfriends who are another year older too.
So 1st off my Grandma Marlene, she just turned 72! Everyone says I have a young Grandma...so ok whatever they say. She is 40 years older then me. I will soon be the big 32 tooo!

Next I want to move onto my father inlaw Jeff!
He just turned 49! Next year he'll be the big 50! Just like his son (Steve) will be the big 30! They're 20 years apart! Woo hoo :0

The next birthday I have to mention is my So Cal friend Chandra or Wow (World of Warcraft name formally known as Neela) yea we're computer gamers so what! I like the game. Chandra is now doing nursing school so she doesn't have much time to play she is more into Wii on her off time. This picture was taken awhile with a mac.

Last but not least but not least my other So Cal Friend who use to be Northern Calforinan friend Sabina! Its her big
I am sure she isn't handling it well! She doesn't want to get old. I hope all is well with her anyway.

this picture was taken a few years back...about 5 years ago! hahahaha! In her wilder days! Oh Yea Sabina is the one smiling and waving her arm around :0

Have a great Friday & a wonderful weekend!!!!

Oh I also don't want to forget from the very beginning of the month my good friend Jeana had her Birthday too!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Lookie at my nieces! Emily here on top & Sarah on bottom.

I guess they started school already. Crazy huh....In AZ I guess they're trying to get closer and closer to going all year round so they start this soon. Emily just started Kindergarden. My sister inlaw is kind of freaking out. Yeah I think I would be too.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Aww we are gonna have a puppy!

Kinda inside joke. My sister and I were talking about this earlier on the phone

My sister's baby Nyssa

This is my sister little girl. One of my sister favorites. She has 4 doggies. She's a cutie. She just got a hair cut in this picture.

Weight Loss or lack there of...

Well for this week is non existent which totally sucks. It seems like when I try my hardest at working out on a regular bases I step on the scale and what come back is a big flashing neon sign that say Denied...nope you will not lose any weight this week.

Which is always kind of upsetting in away because I worked hard and then to not see anything happen on the scale it just SUCKS!

Yea my other girlfriends say oh well you feel better and your body is building muscle and well that crap just doesn't make me any happier about those stupid numbers on the scale.
Its a mind game I seem to play with myself.

The love/hate relationship I have with the scale.

SO if you haven't guessed it by now...no I did not lose any weight this week. I had a slight gain. I was + .4 which isn't even 1/2 a pound. But after doing every thing your "suppose" to be doing. It just is a little frustrating. I get sick of this.
I went to the gym 3 times this last week and went on a 2 hour hike, also did that 45 minute walk which I twisted my ankle. So I did my exercise for the week. Actually I think its my downfall. Whenever I do more then X amount of exercise (WW calls them Activity Points) so when I do more then say 35 AP in a week I don't usually lose much. Its like I can't eat enough points to keep up with the activity.

SO here's hoping like always next week I drop another 3-4lbs like my usual trend.

Anyway thanks for reading my long complaining post! I know I am a whiner!