Sunday, August 19, 2007

The weekend in review...

Oh my I've been busy, but then again whats new. Aren't we as American's more busy now then ever. We never take time to breath. Friday night after work I rushed home from Capitola. (Yea I had to work 1/2 a days shift in Capitola..I thought I was done with that office too) Anyway I drove home and we headed over to Jen's to start helping her move her to her new place.

My Friend Jen bought herself a new home. So she doesn't have nearly as much stuff as my other friend Staci. SO we were able to get everything to her new place in one night. We had Steve's Dad's truck, Jeana's SUV & Staci's truck to move stuff. So we just packed up everything and got her all moved over. It didn't even seem to take that long. *Well comparing again to other people I've moved. I was however starving towards the end and felt like you know strangling someone. (I get that way sometimes with lack of food)
Steve and I left around 9:30pm in search of food. We had to drop off Jeff's truck because we had now had it for 2 days I didn't want to explain why we kept keeping it from him so we got it back to him.

Saturday I started like usual with my morning workout. Lisa and I visited our local 24 hour fitness. I varied my workout alot this week. I tried the stairclimber from h*ll. hhahaha I say from h*ll because you have to kind of jump up to get up onto the 1st step and then the next couple steps are natural steps. But its that 1st one is a real crazy one. I did it for only 5 minutes on the 1st level only because I didn't want to go over board the very 1st time. Plus hello you have to get down the same way you came up. Now if your legs are do you plan on getting down? It had a 2 and 1/2 minute cool down so I did a total of 7.5 minutes. Next I travel to my usual elliptical machine with the arm movement. I did that on 4th level of resistance this time for 15 minutes and then switched to weights. I did the strength training/firming for 20 minutes.

Wendy and I enjoy The Simpsons Movie although it wasn't as funny as I thought it might be.

Sunday I went walking with Staci & her dog Marly. We did a 90 minute walk on a trail. I was pretty sore and tender from the stairmaster & lifting weights in my right leg. I thought I could walk it out.
Well 90 minutes later. No such luck. After a Thai lunch. I went back to Staci's for a little time but then I was off. I was headed to Norman & Lisa's. A place with a HOT TUB.