Tuesday, August 28, 2007

So excited...

I am winning this war! I call it a war because it seems like battle...I went to WI tonight and I lost another 3.2 lbs, I am so close to my 10% and I am just excited. So I've been on program with WW 16 weeks (4 months) I am down 27.4 pounds total!
I am really feeling like I am accomplishing something. I feel like I am really going to lose this weight and keep it off. I am actually enjoying working out and doing more activity.

This weekend Steve goes away for boys camping with his Dad & brother. He'll be gone for like 4 days :( I hate when he leaves me. But I understand he wants boys time. So he must go every year away. I will spend time with my friends and do stuff with them. Movies. play Wii & work out!