Tuesday, August 28, 2007

16 1/2 inches. So far

Thats how many inches I lost from various parts of my body since I've start this weightloss process. Seems like alot. I can't believe it. So now I am not so upset with only losing 25 pounds so far. I mean 25 pounds is alot but it isn't anywhere near as much weight as I am use to losing on any other weightloss program/diet I've ever done in the past. But then again those have never work. So I don't care about the past anymore. I am only looking onward toward the future. photo taken By J Floor Anthonial cove of Ngaio Rock, Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

So sometimes when I think I have this whole weightloss thing under control and I can handle all the stress of food challenges you add family pressure into the mix. Now I know I have been dieting more then 85% of the time I have been married to my husband. SO at this point it is problem ridiculous to them that I even contuine to try. But I don't know sometimes I think what does it take. Does it take for me to have diabetes or some other type of REAL illness to get them to let me be very careful and picky about when & what I am eatting. Of course I am not perfect and I am not claiming I will remain as clean, level headed or as in control as I was trying to be this weekend. But everytime it seemed I turned around or at least thats how it felt to me. My family didn't believe I should try to be eatting right. I know they don't understand what points are or how many points this is or that is. & Yes technically I can eat anything I want on WW's but if I can eat 2 cups of food A and be full and only 1/4 of food B for the same points. I want to eat food A. Well most of the time I want to eat food A. Because I don't want to be hungry in 1/2 hour. I want to have energy. I don't know I understand it probably hard for them to. It easy for them they've been realtively the same size since I've know them. I've been gaining & losing the same 100lbs since I've been with there family the last 12 years.
Its just drives me crazy. I have food issues and it doesn't matter to them because they don't have the same issues. Just me.
Anyway I am done with my rant & rave.

I am just lucky I have such a supportive husband who lets me choose where to eat and when & what to eat. Because without him I think I would have totally lost it this weekend. He helped me hold it together. Definitely!