Tuesday, October 13, 2009

*Results not Typical

*I want to be a asterisk!

If your like me you have done many weight loss programs. Usually when starting any weight loss program or even eat whichever program's food, it has a warning label attached, or maybe not so much a warning per say but a message stating they don't guarantee you results. Hence

I've been "on" WW's for 2 1/2 years now. In that time I have been really close to being more then 100lbs lighter then my heaviest. I imagine I am actually more then 100 pounds lighter but back at my largest I didn't really weigh myself. But for WW's starting weight I have only lost 98 at my highest lost.
I've been wavering back and forth about 10 pounds for 1 year now. I am fitting better into clothes compared to last year and my fitness level is better but for some reason I can't break into that <*> category!
I have some sort of block, laziness, mind issue that just seems like I don't care or want to get under that magical #...

So I joined the gym again, since I haven't been hiking as much as I once was to justify not joining the gym again. Plus looks like the weather is starting to get icky so may as well get myself back into the habit of getting sweaty with everyone else.

Training for a 1/2 marathon and while I train I need to also lift weights and do other types of cardio and I think being a member of 24 hour fitness (you know the chain gym, the McDonalds of gyms) is going to help me achieve this.

I'll keep you all posted, yea whomever you are who actually reads my twisted sense of weight loss!