Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's wrong with me

I haven't been here to post anything lately. Well I guess its because I am just into facebook. I post updates there. Yea so if your not my friend on facebook then yea I guess you don't get to know whats going on with me.

OMG my cousin contacted me on facebook. Yea I know not such a big deal for most. But I haven't been in touch with my Dad's side of the family since he passed away. I am happy he found me. I wouldn't have been able to find him.
I am loving facebook though. As you can probably tell by my many mentions of it in the posting.

Lets see what else has been going on. Well I went to the chocolate salon in SF. It was um A LOT of chocolate. I don't think WI today is going to be that fabulous. Oh well its life... its happens.

Steve and I are thinking of going camping next weekend. Its still a little chilly at nights but should be ok. We went in November so I think I can handle April!
Maybe I can go horseback riding.

I've been doing some meetups lately. Whenever my migraines aren't bothering me too much. I miss a few hockey games too in the past couple of months. When I am not feeling well its hard to go into a crowded area with screaming people. Yea not good for headaches.

SO other then that not much else going on. Steve and I will probably go to the Temple on Saturday.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...