Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm sick...

I have been fighting this stupid cold for over a week but alas it won! I am not feeling well at all...So we went to Walgreens today after church because I needed Sudafed badly. I can't believe the new rules on buying it either. Dang can't even buy one package without giving my life info. I know we don't want people to make drugs and all but dang I feel bad enough but having to stand in line to pharmacy and then give my id and life story with phone number and sign well OH MY!

I also went to WI today because my center is going to be close again on Tuesday. I lost another 1.6 lbs! So now I am down 48.4 lbs almost 50! So my big goal for the next year is to get to be in Onerland. Which means to weigh in the 100's. I have 72 lbs to lose this next year but I think I can do it.

I am going back to work full time again which is good. I'm glad at least my migraines haven't been present for awhile now.

The SHARKS are doing great on this road tour they're doing. They've won 3 in a row. Tomorrow they play MN & they should win again. I don't know why they can't bring some of that winning to the home ice too. I'd like to see some winning here. Oh well I guess I'll take all wins where I can get them.

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Steve and I don't have plans yet for NYE but I guess I'll be here @ home because I am sick. bummer!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

There goes Christmas...

Woo Hoo Christmas is over. Yea! I am celebrating the feasting is over. Um yes the time when everyone tries to make you eat stuff you necessarily don't want or need to eat is done with. Oh my I think some feeling were hurt at Christmas dinner but I tried to be as nice as possible. I am done. Seriously I am. I am truly finished with eating to make anyone happy or to make them feel better. Does that sound mean. I don't mean for it. But if I am going to change my lifestyle and become healthy for myself thats what needs to happen.
No more thinking oh its only 1 day. Obviously that hasn't worked for me in the past. Um ok this post sounds like rant. Seriously my Christmas was good. I didn't over eat. Hhehehehe! I made sure of it. I stayed on WW's plan. I worked out the day after Christmas too. Um yesterday! I was on the elliptical for 45 minutes. I actually need to get a longer play list because my is no longer a long enough. With my workout and cool down and stretching. Plus if I switch over to weights my playlist is over. Yep I am at the gym more than an hour.
WHO AM I? hahahaha!

So now I know your all dying to know what my wonderful hubby got me for Christmas. Well he made me certificates for CHEESE! Yep my own personal cheese of the month club to this awesome cheese store in Carmel, CA. Its called the Cheese Shop.

This is what their store looks like and this is what I have to choose from every month! But only $30 worth which isn't that much. Which is good though with my trying to keep with my WW's lifestyle you can't be eating a lot of cheese.

In other news the Sharks WON! But of course they did they were gone out of town....

They play again tomorrow we'll see how they do but I have a feeling they'll win again. They just don't like to win @ home for us season ticket holding fans. Oh well :)

Only 1 day left of work. I love these short work weeks! Pay day too! Ok well I don't know what else to post about or complain about so bye for now.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve

I want to wish all who come to read my blog a very Merry Christmas! Thanks for coming to find out whats going on in my life.
Oh by the way I lost another 1.4 lbs! WOO HOO! So yeah I so happy I have lost weight so far through the hoildays. So far 4 lbs since Thanksgiving. Crazy with this schedule I've been keeping.

Anyway have a wonderful Christmas & a Happy New Year. God Bless everyone :)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

So yea its been forever

What can I say I've been totally busy! I just am spread too thin and blogging about it isn't going to make my life any easier.
My husband says I should just not plan so many things but then you know there are hockey games mixed in with all this other stuff to that you know that wasn't my scheduling. The only game we sold this month was one that we couldn't make because of a Christmas party.
Ok enough complaining. Its CHRISTMAS! I am truly happy about it and grateful for the many blessings I have. How can I not be Thankful to my Heavenly Father for all the gifts he has already given me this wonderful Season.

Ok we're in down to the final wire of before Christmas. IS your shopping done? Ours is almost. We have a few things left to pick up. Ok usually I don't procrastinate like this and I buy things all year long definitely a few months before. But the last 2 people I have (Steve's Dad & his wife) are so hard this year. With all that happened during the Thanksgiving burglary I just wanted to give them something special. Not necessarily even expensive just I don't know. Maybe you know what I mean though.

There is a hockey game tonight. I can't stand to watch my Sharks lose again. I don't know what's going on but for some reason they can't get it together at home games which sucks because we have all these home game losses that we've been there to see. They're pretty great on the road but then come home and just are so hot. Steve thinks the coach has something to do with it. I guess him and some guys at work have been talking about it and they think that Ron Wilson can't motivate them early enough in the game and keep them motivated to win.

So I've read these articles online about so much controversies about neighbors having huge Christmas displays. Lots of people are complaining because of traffic and the lights and it being tacky. Its kind of like way to ruin other peoples happiness. I guess I understand. If I lived in a nice neighborhood of homes I wouldn't want people driving around my cult de sac from dark till about 10pm at night from Thanksgiving weekend to New Years. But it brings people such joy. Christmas light displays are so wonderful and enjoyable. I would have to say I am guilty of driving around with my friends and going to look for the best houses. We however do not make a mess on other peoples property. And even when they suggested we should get out and walk I said no because this isn't our neighborhood and driving by at night is enough.

Oh update on WW I am still losing. Slow but steady. It wins the race right. Since Thanksgiving. I have lost 2.8lbs combined total! But I am at my Drivers License weight which was a goal for me. So I am just working on not gaining anything over Christmas. There isn't a whole bunch of food like at Thanksgiving to contend with though. I can handle myself. I think I can get back on the exercise wagon now too because after today there aren't as many things planned and I start heading over to the gym again 3 times a week. I have a big goal for next year. I want to get to ONERLAND! Yep I want to get into the 100's by this time next year or hitting WI on 2009. I think I can do it. Its 75lbs which is completely doable, its an average of 6lbs a month.

Ok well I think thats it for now. Oh one last thing. My husband wanted me to post this!

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Because well he thinks I am most of the time :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Its the most busiest time of the year....

Well the holidays are in full swing. I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I have soooo much to do. I think I have something written on every day this month. How's that for busy. Dang I can't even imagine having children and having to deal with their schedules too. I don't even know how moms do it.

So this week starting tomorrow I have 3 Sharks games. I still have to make WI of course. Wednesday is the HOA board meeting..Oh fun yea! Not. Thursday I have dentist appointment then the Sharks game. Friday I am feeding the Missionaries and going to see Holiday lights at night with some friends. Saturday oh my. I have Sharks game and then Church christmas party.
Sunday of course church and then I have a holiday dinner where I am exchanging gifts with friends. Woo I am already tired just thinking about it.

I love it though, the holidays! Ok I could do without the accidents. Um lately every night on this highway I drive for the past 3 nights there has been a major collision involving multiple cars. Its getting pretty annoying. Its weird because I just don't know what's happened everyones gone psycho or something.

Ok I best be wrapping this up. I need to sleep. Tired need to rest up for my busy life. When am I going to get to the gym with this schedule. No wonder people gain weight during the holidays. They can't get anywhere.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

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