Saturday, December 22, 2007

So yea its been forever

What can I say I've been totally busy! I just am spread too thin and blogging about it isn't going to make my life any easier.
My husband says I should just not plan so many things but then you know there are hockey games mixed in with all this other stuff to that you know that wasn't my scheduling. The only game we sold this month was one that we couldn't make because of a Christmas party.
Ok enough complaining. Its CHRISTMAS! I am truly happy about it and grateful for the many blessings I have. How can I not be Thankful to my Heavenly Father for all the gifts he has already given me this wonderful Season.

Ok we're in down to the final wire of before Christmas. IS your shopping done? Ours is almost. We have a few things left to pick up. Ok usually I don't procrastinate like this and I buy things all year long definitely a few months before. But the last 2 people I have (Steve's Dad & his wife) are so hard this year. With all that happened during the Thanksgiving burglary I just wanted to give them something special. Not necessarily even expensive just I don't know. Maybe you know what I mean though.

There is a hockey game tonight. I can't stand to watch my Sharks lose again. I don't know what's going on but for some reason they can't get it together at home games which sucks because we have all these home game losses that we've been there to see. They're pretty great on the road but then come home and just are so hot. Steve thinks the coach has something to do with it. I guess him and some guys at work have been talking about it and they think that Ron Wilson can't motivate them early enough in the game and keep them motivated to win.

So I've read these articles online about so much controversies about neighbors having huge Christmas displays. Lots of people are complaining because of traffic and the lights and it being tacky. Its kind of like way to ruin other peoples happiness. I guess I understand. If I lived in a nice neighborhood of homes I wouldn't want people driving around my cult de sac from dark till about 10pm at night from Thanksgiving weekend to New Years. But it brings people such joy. Christmas light displays are so wonderful and enjoyable. I would have to say I am guilty of driving around with my friends and going to look for the best houses. We however do not make a mess on other peoples property. And even when they suggested we should get out and walk I said no because this isn't our neighborhood and driving by at night is enough.

Oh update on WW I am still losing. Slow but steady. It wins the race right. Since Thanksgiving. I have lost 2.8lbs combined total! But I am at my Drivers License weight which was a goal for me. So I am just working on not gaining anything over Christmas. There isn't a whole bunch of food like at Thanksgiving to contend with though. I can handle myself. I think I can get back on the exercise wagon now too because after today there aren't as many things planned and I start heading over to the gym again 3 times a week. I have a big goal for next year. I want to get to ONERLAND! Yep I want to get into the 100's by this time next year or hitting WI on 2009. I think I can do it. Its 75lbs which is completely doable, its an average of 6lbs a month.

Ok well I think thats it for now. Oh one last thing. My husband wanted me to post this!

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