Thursday, December 27, 2007

There goes Christmas...

Woo Hoo Christmas is over. Yea! I am celebrating the feasting is over. Um yes the time when everyone tries to make you eat stuff you necessarily don't want or need to eat is done with. Oh my I think some feeling were hurt at Christmas dinner but I tried to be as nice as possible. I am done. Seriously I am. I am truly finished with eating to make anyone happy or to make them feel better. Does that sound mean. I don't mean for it. But if I am going to change my lifestyle and become healthy for myself thats what needs to happen.
No more thinking oh its only 1 day. Obviously that hasn't worked for me in the past. Um ok this post sounds like rant. Seriously my Christmas was good. I didn't over eat. Hhehehehe! I made sure of it. I stayed on WW's plan. I worked out the day after Christmas too. Um yesterday! I was on the elliptical for 45 minutes. I actually need to get a longer play list because my is no longer a long enough. With my workout and cool down and stretching. Plus if I switch over to weights my playlist is over. Yep I am at the gym more than an hour.
WHO AM I? hahahaha!

So now I know your all dying to know what my wonderful hubby got me for Christmas. Well he made me certificates for CHEESE! Yep my own personal cheese of the month club to this awesome cheese store in Carmel, CA. Its called the Cheese Shop.

This is what their store looks like and this is what I have to choose from every month! But only $30 worth which isn't that much. Which is good though with my trying to keep with my WW's lifestyle you can't be eating a lot of cheese.

In other news the Sharks WON! But of course they did they were gone out of town....

They play again tomorrow we'll see how they do but I have a feeling they'll win again. They just don't like to win @ home for us season ticket holding fans. Oh well :)

Only 1 day left of work. I love these short work weeks! Pay day too! Ok well I don't know what else to post about or complain about so bye for now.