Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Getting into a bad habit....

Of not posting. Which isn't good. I want to post then I just run out of time or engery to run here and type something.

So lets see Weekend in review:
Went to workout with Jen on Saturday, I went to her 24 hour fitness because she said she wanted to sleep in. Then she ended up not even sleeping in like she wanted oh well her loss. We ate breakfest at her place. She made me my 4 egg white omlete. Yum! Then we went with Wendy to see Shrek 3. That movie was ok not great but it was ok. I could have waited I guess and seen it on DVD.

I finally got my pedometer.

Sunday I hung out with my husband mostly. We went grocery shopping. Dang food is expensive. You think if you have to cook it yourself it would be cheaper right. Hahhaha I mean it is. But it should be severly discounted.

*Friday I bought 2 new games for the Wii Mario Party 8 is AWESOME! I already have played it 3 times. I had Norman & Lisa play with me Friday night. Norman won. Then I made Steve come downstairs (pried him from the computer) and play me and I beat him Yea :) & Just last night I had Mat & Laura over to play. Mat was a bit confused with the controls. I just love the game. Its fun.

In weight loss news: I lost another 1 lb and Laura OMG she lost 4.2lbs this week. So we got our 5lb stickers at our WW meetings last night!!! It was so great. We were the only ones! So we were special. It was funny too. The meeting leader was like oh look its the friends. Their our losers for tonight. And they're both at the same loss. So I am at 10.4lbs Same with Laura. A huge sack of Potatoes.

So anyway excited that its working anyway.
We have plans for Laura's Bachelorette party mostly planned. We have the hotel booked. All of us pretty much have our flights booked. Except I think Staci. But she has the vouchers so its just a matter of legistics now. So its really gonna happen now. Yea I'm so excited. Now we've planned another garage sale. For another fundraisier. For Mat's Bachelor Party...I think. Or some party money for Vegas. We can use the money for some dinners in Vegas or stuff like that. I don't know. I also bought some more cornish game hens while grocery shopping to make for a dinner. I've been slacking on the dinners.

Anyway I need to post more so its not so long. Dang!