Friday, June 8, 2007

Hey Hey Hey Its FRIDAY!!!

So yea its my weekend again. Well its every ones weekend, um that is if you are lucky enough to not work on Saturday & Sunday.
Happy Friday to all & Have a great Weekend!!!

Have big Luau party scheduled for tomorrow. Have lots of cheesy party decorations and food planned out. (ok not really cheesy food. but there is some cheese involved) I have some nice little party favors that I picked up from my favorite little Oriental trading company. I will take some pictures and post them of my party maybe after the weekend.

Last night I met up with one of the other HOA board members who is helping me plan our 1st Annual HOA Block Party. I am getting so excited. I hope I can get the other members of our board excited too. They are kinda um well. Cheap and fuddy duddy. SO I hope they don't automatically just rule out every idea. I don't think they realize we need this for our community. Anyway I will keep you posted on my party. I met with the full board on Wednesday.