Monday, June 4, 2007

So just another manic MONDAY

SO what I stole a title of a song. I felt like a chicken with my head cut off at work today. The only good factors about being so busy. Was #1 that the people who cause all the drama weren't in so the tension at work wasn't there. #2 The day went by so fast that it was over before I remember the day starting. I mean it was like I started work. Then I had break. Worked. Then lunch. Then worked. Then break. Then we were closing. It was crazy busy. We had a line most of the day. People weren't mean. At least not to our faces. Having it be not so stressful with your coworkers helps tremendously too!

Went to Cheese Cake Factory tonight. I was so good. I ate so well. I had salmon and broccoli. I had a side salad instead of fries. It was a great night. I am so ready for bed. I'm pretty tired.

Anyway thought I would just log on quick and just add that today was crazy crazy MONDAY!