Friday, June 1, 2007

The weekend is upon us again...

So its Friday! It was a short week. Although at times. Ecspecially at work it felt long. Right now there is a lot a tenison and many issues that aren't working themselves out so it seems like the 9 hours I'm at work are like 20. Hopefully it will somehow get resolved. Because it feels like I'm in highschool or whatever. My boss always says "oh you don't have to like each other or be friends." Yea Yea I get it. But when someone says hi to you. Then they should have the common courtsey as a human being to say hi back. You say hi to strangers on the road. I mean come on.

IN other news for Friday June 1st. Its SUMMER! I have a game tonight. Sabercats again. Stevie and I will be going with our friends from the Sharks games. The people who sit behind us durning the games we gave them Dads tickets. Because Madeleines Bday is tomorrow and their out of town. I have no idea where to.

Garage sale this weekend. Wish us luck to make lots of money!