Saturday, November 29, 2008

A hiking I will go...

So I went on a little more then a 5 mile hike yesterday. It was a good thing for a workout after Thanksgiving. Not that I over ate or anything but it keeps me on track. My plan like I mentioned before is too lose this week. & I know exactly how I am going to do that. So the weather was very cool! Cold in fact. I started hiking at about 10:30 & there was no sun. I think though it was nice because if it had been sunny that hike would have been harder + very hot. There weren't too many shady spots.
We did go by a ranch and the horses in the pasture were so nice. They came up to the fence for petting or wanted a treat. I sometimes wish I had a horse... I miss that about MN. My mom had a horse for quite awhile. It was a lot of fun for riding.
Anyway hike was great. Plan for today is also to go on another hike. I am checking out a bunch of new places. Expanding my horizons so to speak. Who knew there were sooooo many great places to hike in my "own backyard".