Tuesday, November 18, 2008

World of Warcraft friend has birthday today...

So today was our friend's birthday! "Sigmai" thats a game name turned 23 today he is from Poland! His real name is Greg. We so have wanted him to come visit us so all our friends here could meet him. Steve has know him online for like 5 years now...at least 5 years. He met him while playing WOW in beta.
Yea Steve's connection at Apple got him into playing WOW. Blizzard came to them (steve & some coworkers) to "test" WOW on macs. Well he's been playing ever since.


Well Happy Bday Sig! We love you :)


Stephanie said...

Hey Blizzard is up the street from Jeff's office in Irvine. My friends hubby works there! Am I totally lame that I didn't know what they did? LOL