Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It is so hard for me to write anything because I don't feel much like talking. There is soooo much going on here in CA. Its hard not to think about it all the time. Guess I've never been attacked before on my religious beliefs and its weird because it is really bothering me. I just don't know why its ok for anyone to take away my right to worship freely without fear or call me names when the same group argues that I took away a "right" of theirs. I guess its a right for a right.

So people think being religious is "old" fashioned... out of date, crazy, or just being hateful. I've never ever thought of myself as hateful or hurtful. I followed a religious rule and guidance from my prophet. Now I am suppose to feel like what I did was the wrong thing because a mob wants to force its will on me.
They desecrate my place of worship and think that will make me see a different point of view.
Actually it makes me feel like what I did was the right thing.
Its so weird because I've never thought of myself as a really "religious" person, but now I guess I've crossed a line into it.

If I have to choose a side I know where I want to be.
Its what I believe in... Faith, my church & God.