Monday, October 15, 2007

Through the weekend...(rest of the week too)

I've stepped up my exercise efforts in hopes that it helps with my weightloss. With 3 weeks & hardly any loss it hard to stay focused. I mean I am still eatting well. Its hard to exercise with a headache but I try. After having treatment on wednesday I've had less headaches though. Isn't that great. Thursday I went to see a movie for the 1st time in weeks. It was the Beatles musical remake Across the Universe. I loved it. Marcella wouldn't stop singing hahahha! Well I sang some too. Jen was probably like dang be quiet....good ting there weren't many people in the theater.

Friday I didn't do much of anything because I wasn't feeling well much of the day. I worked out with Steve at the end of the night on the treadmill. He was on his bike. We were working out together...sort of. I mean its kind of hard to do it together when I have my back to him with headphones with my own music on and him the same thing. But at least we're both exercising. I am totally proud of him for that.

Went to the Sharks game on Saturday night and it was rather depressing. I mean it was exciting being home opener and all but it was a hard defeat. They played against the Boston Bruins and the start of the game was delayed because of a power outage that was unexplained. So all the opening activities like the National Anthem and announcing the starting line up and all of those things never happened. It was so strange. The Bruins scored 1st. We played sooooo hard they were lucky we couldn't connect. We hit the pole of the goal like 5 times. The score could have been 5 to 1 by the 2nd period but wasn't. In the 2nd period the Sharks played to hard they never even let them get a shot on our goal. But in the last 37 seconds we thought it was going to be a tied up game because we scored. But alas only 11 seconds later the Bruins scored the winning goal. It sucked!

Yesterday I went walking with my friends. We went about a 6 mile walk. It took about 2 1/2 hours. I slowed down towards the end I don't know what happened to me. I feel out of shape. Maybe its the last 3 weeks of not doing my Elliptical machine workout. I am so sick of having migraines. I am trying not to let that be an excuse anymore though for exercise...Yea if I sound like I keep typing that it because maybe if I keep saying it I will mean it :)