Thursday, October 18, 2007

2.2 loss & Another treatment

WI was good I lost 2.2lbs on Tuesday's meeting which was nice. I stuggled with my 6 mile walk on Sunday. I haven't really been exercising that much so it was a lot all at once. I have to just keep up the good work. I plan on hitting the gym this afternoon. The Neurologist seems to think its good for me. Plus I'm paying for a gym membership I am as well use it.
I've have this little turkey hanging on the fridge. I cut off all his feathers and from now until Thanksgiving every pound I lose I get to add a feather. SO I got to add 2 feathers back to my turkey. He's on his way to being a normal turkey again. Yea the small things make me happy.

SO I had another accupunture treatment yesterday. It was different this time. I had only 4 needles in my head this time. I had a few in the tops of my feet. She said (the dr) that there are pressure points in our feet that have to do with our head. I had also 3 needs in my hands/wrist areas. My wrist felt a little sore afterward. I'm no so sure if the treatments are helping too much yet. I have another appointment on Monday @ 1pm. I'm going to give them 4 more tries. If I don't have some type of relief after then. I will have to pursue something else. Just don't know what yet.

SHARKS GAME TONIGHT!!! I'm bringing my earplugs so that I don't get a migraine while I'm there. Sometimes loud noises really bothers me.


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