Wednesday, May 30, 2007

& ITS 2.6!!!

Well I had my WW meeting last night and I did it again. I managed to lose another 2 point something. But this time it was 2.6! YEA. I made it my goal to try and lose 50 lbs total in 18 weeks. So by my weigh in on Tuesday September 25th I want to have lost a total of that 50 lbs.

I've totally been swimming. I did 19 laps last night. OMG I was tired I went to bed around 10:30pm and fell asleep right away. hahahah :)

So our garage sale coming up seems like its going to be sooooo BIG! We have so much stuff to sell this weekend. SO we will make a lot of money for the wedding weekend trip to Vegas.

So work has been going alright I mean as far as work goes. I haven't had any headaches in a long time. I am so happy. I am feeling great. I wonder if drinking all this water and eatting all these veggies is helping. Hahahah and no soo much cheese. I don't know some people kept saying oh your so obessed with cheese. It could be cheese.
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...Cheese will be the death of me!

Monday, May 28, 2007

How wrong communication can get in...

So saturday when I was talking to Staci on the phone and she said she was pretty much done moving, well that was partly the truth. I mean in her eyes she probably was. hahahaha! But when we got to her house yesterday we still had boxes to pack and stuff to get out of her old place & move to her new. It was all ok though. I got alot more activity points for the day then I thought I would.

We filled the back of the truck, Marcella's Vue, Jen's car, Jeana's Tahoe, Mat's SUV and we put a few things in Norman & Lisa's car too. Thats how much stuff was left in Staci place. It took us about an hour and half once we got going to get everything out of her old place into all the cars.

Onto the new place...
Next we ate Staci's mom made us some burritos. Then we unloaded which seemed to take no time at all. But then we decided to help unpack. Ok we didn't decide that. Jeana did. She has that go get um attitude. So Laura & Clarissa ane me started on the "art room" hahahah which has soooo much stuff it. Because Staci is an artist after all.

Today were suppose to have BBQ at Staci's new house. That was another thing that was kind miss communication. I thought we were original having Memorial Day BBQ and everyone was bringing something over. Then Staci thought it was a moving day BBQ and people were bringing stuff. But it got all confused. hahahah thats our group. We're so organized. OMG and Jeana got all upset at me too. Because I never called her as part of the phone tree about time change on the Staci move. drama drama drama. I didnt know she was coming was all. There was never an answer.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ah its SUNDAY the day of rest....

Well I was thinking I would have to help Staci move today but apparently she had some guys from outside OS come and help her all day yesterday. The hireable help outside the fixer upper store. Um not sure if other states have men that stand outside the stores like we do here in Cali. But we have daily labor who work for cash. They'll do any daily job from yard work to moving boxes or helping set up an office. Anyway She pretty much already have most of everything done. So I guess there isn't much left for us to do.

Yesterday I worked out twice. I guess I was trying to be like Oprah. Having a divide and conquer attuide about working out. SO I went to the gym. Yea the gym. 24 hour fitness and there were quite a few other people there too. I think it tell them on the computer screen when the last time you were there too as they scan your card in. Because the guy kind of looks at me after he scans the card. I wanted to say yea I know. Whats the point right. Yes I want to get my $200 worth this year. hahahah. Last year I don't think I went to the gym even once. Ok maybe 1 or 2 times but thats it. I pay $24.99 a month. The gyms they make their money from people like me. Well no more! I am standing up and saying I need to actually go and get my $24.99 worth of work out.

Friday, May 25, 2007


So I seen Pirates...Arrrrr! I loved it. Ok so it was pretty long but you know what they had a lot to go over and a lot to show us. So its ok. I loved it though. I was upset at a few things. But I am so excited theres going to be another. Woo hoo a 4th Pirate movie. hahahah :)

So my hubby went and staked out our place and line. He got there early too. About 2 1/2 hours before movie. He had DS in hand + a friend so he wasn't board, besides its not like he does much else at home besides play computer. hahahaha so he wasn't doing much different. (just a different location) So he totally surprized me because when I called him he said oh there were 7 people in line with him. He failed to tell me he was at the front of the line. SO when I got there I was shocked. And very HAPPY!

So lets see what do I have planned for this weeked. Um no WORK! hahaha

OK wait! I am helping Staci move. Which is well WORK. but a different kind. It will help with my weight loss. ahhaa! It will help get some activity points.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Down another 2.4!!!

so I went to my WW meeting last night and I'm down another 2.4 for a total of 4.8. I was hoping for a total of 5lbs but no such luck but its a loss so I will take it! I've never lost weight this slow before. I'm having trouble eatting all my points. I need to try and eat more points. I'm working on that this week. I need to pay attention to my portions. I need to eat some more points in my food. I know if you don't do flex you may not even know what the heck I am talking about but I need to vent somewhere so ya know.

It was funny because today they order some food from a mexician restraunt that would have been kind of a lot points...well my wasn't in the bag. Hahhaah was someone looking out for me? Anyway I had brought my lunch from home so no harm done.

We're going to go see Pirates tomorrow. Woo Hoo I can't wait!

Monday, May 21, 2007


Yeah my weekend was nuts. I am a crazy for cramming so many things into so little time. But hey I love it. But you know its fun to be running around at least sometimes. Nice to have the blessings of having a lot of friends. Anyway Friday night I worked (volunteered) at a festiva (carinval at a church) it happens every year around the same time. My coworker/friend has a booth a game booth that is sooo much fun to work. I work it with Norman & Lisa. Norman & I sound like such Carnies workin' it. Heckling people and getting them to come play our game. Its all in good fun. We're trying to raise money for the church.
Afterwards we did our midnight run to Cardinals, Yum! We haven't done that in forever. Don't worry I was good. I had an egg white omlete w/veggies.

Saturday I went to Great America for a Company pininic day. My hubby & I now have season passes for there. WOO they also just added a new water feature too.

Later I had a Saber Cats game....Of course they won!
Saber Cats have been doing AWESOME!!! they've won almost every game....So they'll be in the playoffs. After the game I went to dinner with Mat.

Sunday I went to breakfest with the girls. Staci, Marcella, Jeana, Jen & Jenny. Yea a girls chattin over eggs & juice. We went to Mimi's cafe. Which is like yum. Seriously. They have some great breakfest. Then I went to Staci's to help her pack. She moving to the "little house" or we call it the shabby chic house. Its on the east side so not the best area. But its a house and its been the family for years. Then we being the crazy girls that we are decided we could move a 400lb entertainment center all by ourselves. And we did. We moved it out of Staci's truck into Marcella's & Jen's place. I have a feeling it will be there till they move. (because no one is going to move that thing ever)
After packing some at Staci's off to Dads house I went for a visit. We had dinner and caught up on current events in the family.
I also stopped by the local Walmart to get a few gardening supplies so I can repot some plants I got from Staci. My backyard is looking like a crazy jungle...but in a good way. I think :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Woo another post...soo soon why yes!

So anyway I lost 2.4 pounds. Yea me! Laura also lost. She beat me coming in with a 3lb loss. I am happy and its not a competition...its not like we're on the Biggest Loser. I know I would so be voted off that show 1st. They would so get rid of me. Hahahha almost any show. So so far liking the WW program. Its pretty easy and you can pretty much eat anything you want. Pretty much anything in moderation. Just have to have the points. Plus since they've changed the program a little where everyone has the "buffer" or extra points a week you can pretty much have one serious meal a week w/o blowing your progress. It also makes you feel like you can do this. Or at least so far so good. I'll let you know more later.

So my sister got another dog. Another one. She now have 4. H_E_L_L_O!!!!!!!!!! I understand you feel no love from you husband and I understand you have no real friends only online computer friends. But come on get a grip on reality. Just 4 months ago when 1 of her dogs had a broken leg because her stuid husband accidently stepped on him (supposedly thats what happened) they weren't going to have the money to get the casts put on. They were going to put the dog to sleep. OMG the poor dog was going to have to DIE because she could afford the care. She also doesn't have like mutt dogs. She has like expensive breed dogs. The 1st dog she got was a Pomeranian which is very cute dont get me wrong. Her dog was like $800 she got it right when she moved to WA. Then Tony needed to have a dog because he is home all the time....NOT. SO they got a Miniature Pinscher. Then they said some guy who was leaving this base to go somewhere else and couldn't take a dog with them left a Pug this Jan. Then last night while talking to her I come to find out she has gotten yet another Pug. So now 4. This isn't some ranch accommodation she lives. She has a town house. As far I know she barely has a backyard. Not that little dogs need much space but OMG. I know I have to stop saying that.

Wow just when I had hopes for ever being able to see my sister...having her come visit all hopes are once again lost. With all those dogs. Thats once again lost. She is never leaving that stupid state of denial (oh I mean Washington)
My sister is not working and has no children and will not get on a plane even if there is plane ticket is purchase in her name so its all just useless. & Since I truly can't stand her husband anymore then I can throw him I haven't seen her in almost 2 years. I miss her! I think that this dog obession is a cover up I mean I know a love an animals is one thing. I get that she's bored and that she has no children right now. But 4 small dogs so she can't leave!!!!????

Work went good I made it through a whole day full time! Belive it or not!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yes I haven't posted

So what of it! I've been well busy. Not working and well working on not having Migraines hhahahah! Well Now I am feeling FANTASTIC. I haven't had any headaches in well almost 1 month & 1/2 months. So well KNOCK ON WOOD! I am just amazed. Maybe its the meds maybe its life going well.

I am Back at work...ugh. Yeah yucky it all sucks. hehehhe nah its not that bad really! My job really is a cake walk compared to most. I get paid well to work with the public. Its union.

I've been going to Weight Watchers thats new in my life. I have only been going a week I don't know how much I've lost yet. SO dont ask :) Nah you can ask I'll know tomorrow. Um I'm doing flex points plan they have 2 plans right now. I like to do some sort of counting so that easiest for me. They have alot of info online I love their online tools.

The Sharks lost the hockey playoffs to Detroit, yeah I'm sad. they should have went further. We should be playing the Ducks right now. But whats a girl to do. OH well next year.

Guess thats ALL FOR NOW!!