Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ah its SUNDAY the day of rest....

Well I was thinking I would have to help Staci move today but apparently she had some guys from outside OS come and help her all day yesterday. The hireable help outside the fixer upper store. Um not sure if other states have men that stand outside the stores like we do here in Cali. But we have daily labor who work for cash. They'll do any daily job from yard work to moving boxes or helping set up an office. Anyway She pretty much already have most of everything done. So I guess there isn't much left for us to do.

Yesterday I worked out twice. I guess I was trying to be like Oprah. Having a divide and conquer attuide about working out. SO I went to the gym. Yea the gym. 24 hour fitness and there were quite a few other people there too. I think it tell them on the computer screen when the last time you were there too as they scan your card in. Because the guy kind of looks at me after he scans the card. I wanted to say yea I know. Whats the point right. Yes I want to get my $200 worth this year. hahahah. Last year I don't think I went to the gym even once. Ok maybe 1 or 2 times but thats it. I pay $24.99 a month. The gyms they make their money from people like me. Well no more! I am standing up and saying I need to actually go and get my $24.99 worth of work out.