Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yes I haven't posted

So what of it! I've been well busy. Not working and well working on not having Migraines hhahahah! Well Now I am feeling FANTASTIC. I haven't had any headaches in well almost 1 month & 1/2 months. So well KNOCK ON WOOD! I am just amazed. Maybe its the meds maybe its life going well.

I am Back at work...ugh. Yeah yucky it all sucks. hehehhe nah its not that bad really! My job really is a cake walk compared to most. I get paid well to work with the public. Its union.

I've been going to Weight Watchers thats new in my life. I have only been going a week I don't know how much I've lost yet. SO dont ask :) Nah you can ask I'll know tomorrow. Um I'm doing flex points plan they have 2 plans right now. I like to do some sort of counting so that easiest for me. They have alot of info online I love their online tools.

The Sharks lost the hockey playoffs to Detroit, yeah I'm sad. they should have went further. We should be playing the Ducks right now. But whats a girl to do. OH well next year.

Guess thats ALL FOR NOW!!