Monday, May 28, 2007

How wrong communication can get in...

So saturday when I was talking to Staci on the phone and she said she was pretty much done moving, well that was partly the truth. I mean in her eyes she probably was. hahahaha! But when we got to her house yesterday we still had boxes to pack and stuff to get out of her old place & move to her new. It was all ok though. I got alot more activity points for the day then I thought I would.

We filled the back of the truck, Marcella's Vue, Jen's car, Jeana's Tahoe, Mat's SUV and we put a few things in Norman & Lisa's car too. Thats how much stuff was left in Staci place. It took us about an hour and half once we got going to get everything out of her old place into all the cars.

Onto the new place...
Next we ate Staci's mom made us some burritos. Then we unloaded which seemed to take no time at all. But then we decided to help unpack. Ok we didn't decide that. Jeana did. She has that go get um attitude. So Laura & Clarissa ane me started on the "art room" hahahah which has soooo much stuff it. Because Staci is an artist after all.

Today were suppose to have BBQ at Staci's new house. That was another thing that was kind miss communication. I thought we were original having Memorial Day BBQ and everyone was bringing something over. Then Staci thought it was a moving day BBQ and people were bringing stuff. But it got all confused. hahahah thats our group. We're so organized. OMG and Jeana got all upset at me too. Because I never called her as part of the phone tree about time change on the Staci move. drama drama drama. I didnt know she was coming was all. There was never an answer.


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