Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Woo another post...soo soon why yes!

So anyway I lost 2.4 pounds. Yea me! Laura also lost. She beat me coming in with a 3lb loss. I am happy and its not a competition...its not like we're on the Biggest Loser. I know I would so be voted off that show 1st. They would so get rid of me. Hahahha almost any show. So so far liking the WW program. Its pretty easy and you can pretty much eat anything you want. Pretty much anything in moderation. Just have to have the points. Plus since they've changed the program a little where everyone has the "buffer" or extra points a week you can pretty much have one serious meal a week w/o blowing your progress. It also makes you feel like you can do this. Or at least so far so good. I'll let you know more later.

So my sister got another dog. Another one. She now have 4. H_E_L_L_O!!!!!!!!!! I understand you feel no love from you husband and I understand you have no real friends only online computer friends. But come on get a grip on reality. Just 4 months ago when 1 of her dogs had a broken leg because her stuid husband accidently stepped on him (supposedly thats what happened) they weren't going to have the money to get the casts put on. They were going to put the dog to sleep. OMG the poor dog was going to have to DIE because she could afford the care. She also doesn't have like mutt dogs. She has like expensive breed dogs. The 1st dog she got was a Pomeranian which is very cute dont get me wrong. Her dog was like $800 she got it right when she moved to WA. Then Tony needed to have a dog because he is home all the time....NOT. SO they got a Miniature Pinscher. Then they said some guy who was leaving this base to go somewhere else and couldn't take a dog with them left a Pug this Jan. Then last night while talking to her I come to find out she has gotten yet another Pug. So now 4. This isn't some ranch accommodation she lives. She has a town house. As far I know she barely has a backyard. Not that little dogs need much space but OMG. I know I have to stop saying that.

Wow just when I had hopes for ever being able to see my sister...having her come visit all hopes are once again lost. With all those dogs. Thats once again lost. She is never leaving that stupid state of denial (oh I mean Washington)
My sister is not working and has no children and will not get on a plane even if there is plane ticket is purchase in her name so its all just useless. & Since I truly can't stand her husband anymore then I can throw him I haven't seen her in almost 2 years. I miss her! I think that this dog obession is a cover up I mean I know a love an animals is one thing. I get that she's bored and that she has no children right now. But 4 small dogs so she can't leave!!!!????

Work went good I made it through a whole day full time! Belive it or not!