Friday, May 25, 2007


So I seen Pirates...Arrrrr! I loved it. Ok so it was pretty long but you know what they had a lot to go over and a lot to show us. So its ok. I loved it though. I was upset at a few things. But I am so excited theres going to be another. Woo hoo a 4th Pirate movie. hahahah :)

So my hubby went and staked out our place and line. He got there early too. About 2 1/2 hours before movie. He had DS in hand + a friend so he wasn't board, besides its not like he does much else at home besides play computer. hahahaha so he wasn't doing much different. (just a different location) So he totally surprized me because when I called him he said oh there were 7 people in line with him. He failed to tell me he was at the front of the line. SO when I got there I was shocked. And very HAPPY!

So lets see what do I have planned for this weeked. Um no WORK! hahaha

OK wait! I am helping Staci move. Which is well WORK. but a different kind. It will help with my weight loss. ahhaa! It will help get some activity points.