Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Guess who's lost 80 pounds???

This fish pictured above weighs the amount that I've lost in the last 13 months! Crazy huh...Think about it. I had this fish on my body.

At WI tonight I lost another 2.6 pounds and so it put in the next bracket of weight loss. Its so awesome. In the last 5 weeks it just been amazing. I am so happy with WW's thats what I said today when my leader asked how things were going. What could I say. My family was so supportive of me when I visited in Dallas. They asked what I wanted to eat or where I wanted to eat. It was so wonderful. They never pushed anything on me or judged me. Well I am off to bed. I am so tired.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Down another 2lbs

So when I went to WI yesterday I was down another 2 pounds. I could hardly believe it. It was kind of unexpected. Because I kind of ate a lot before Bay to Breakers and dinner after our walk wasn't exactly what I would say my healthiest meal of the year either. But I am still so HAPPY! The thing I don't get is how come my friends...ok can't say all my friends just one in particular can't just be happy for me too. Why must she be sooooo negative or pessimistic. This is the 4th time so 4th week I have lost and she has said to me, " Now at some point your body is going to slow down and stop losing, you need to start preparing yourself for that."

Um Ok fine great. But you know what I am so sick of hearing you say that. I am getting tired of reporting my success back to her because I am growing tired of her attitude towards my weight loss process.

Right now I am happy, I am upbeat, I am so joyful, grateful for all I have been able to accomplish. I have had so much support from so many people. My husband & my friends. My meeting leader and also the meeting attendees. This process I grow from daily and I just don't think I have time for that negative attitude anymore. I think I will just stop telling her what I am doing with my life unless she asks and even then I am going to be cautious because I don't want a downer. I do understand that its reality....I get that but I am not there yet so why do I have to get all "oh whoa as me I am stalling out" when I haven't even come to that point. Ok yea I am rambling. Not blogging.

Steve and I are also off to Dallas for Memorial Day. I am excited because we're going to go see family. My "favorite" Aunt hehehhe. When I 1st married Steve she told me that it was ok for me to call her that. ahhahaha! She is bubbly, happy, loud and tells you like it is, kind of like me...maybe thats why I love her so much.

We're going there to see the family and also go to the Temple to do some work for my ancestors...FINALLY! Yep its time. I have my stepdad to do work for. Also my great grandpa & grandma. Great-great Grandma & Grandpa & all of their children. So I am soooo excited.

Have a Great Memorial Day!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bay to Breakers...

I'M BACK.....
So I just noticed I didn't post before I left for San Francisco and Bay to Breakers.
I did the race Sunday morning. Its a 12k the weaves through downtown to the Bay. Its a huge party people wear costumes or lack there of.
I counted a total 26 naked men & 2 naked women. My husband said you counted and I'm like yeah, what else do I have better to do for 7.5 miles.

So not only did Laura & I walk 7 1/2 miles yesterday. We walked 1 1/4 miles to the start line from our hotel. Yea for some reason we didn't think it was quite that far but that really wouldn't not be that big of deal.
But what was a big deal was the part after the race....you have to walk about a mile to this concert area in Golden Gate park where they have bands and your "free" participant tee-shirt that said you accomplished this race/walk.

Oh we finished in 2 hours 31 minutes I was 18,791 person. Which doesn't sound that great. But really I seen others who I thought wow how did I finish before them. Apparently not too many people take this walk/run very seriously.
I am not exactly sure how many people came but the starting area was packed.
My goal was 2 hours 15 minutes. But at one point we met up with some of our ww friends who walked slower then us. We never should have stayed them as long as we did. But then again I never told my Laura of my personal goal for the race.
I am doing it next year my goal will be to run after the 11% grade hill so after 3rd mile. She said she is in for jogging after that point too. But well see. She might have to be just cheering me on because for all she knows she'll be pregnant then.

Oh well also be in better costumes too. This year we kind of had a theme. But not really a costume per say. All those walked wore shirts with writing on the back that said " Results Not Typical" & I put a big WW on the bottom of the shirt. Because thats where we all met! Some people came up to our friends and said oh what weight watchers do you belong to. They new what it met. So see we got our point across. I guess I could have put something like Loset 75lbs so far or whatever with our weights but I don't know if anyone else who have wanted to share that like I do.

Oh must tell this....
After we met up with my friends Norman & Lisa who came to watch us come in @ the finish line...how supportive huh? They took a picture of me & laura running in. Oh yeah once we realized that the bay was the end we started to run. hehehehe I was so happy Laura was up for it. I was like come on this is the end lets run...well jog I can't really RUN.
Ok well anyway back to the other part...so we have this public transportion that is suppose to take us back to the beginning of the race or drop us off at 3 other connecting public transit stations. Well OH MY that was the worst possible mode of travel EVER! We stood in the ridiculous line for like 40 some minutes only to get onto a bus to STAND for another HOUR.....YES an HOUR bus ride back to the other side of town. So after walking 10 miles that morning I stood in like for 40 minutes and then on a jerky stop and go bus for 1 HOUR. My legs were officially JELLO when we got off the bus. I turned to Laura and said no more I can't walk anymore. Taxi cab! I said ok I will walk across the street but thats it :(
So anyway thats my Bay to Breakers story. Its crazy and no animals were harmed in this production.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Only 100 pounds to go now!

So I've been on program a year going into todays WI @ WW's and I am proud to say I've lost 75.4 pounds. I feel so dang proud of myself and actually believe I can lose 100 more. Crazy, because when I started I was thinking I have too much weight to lose. I'll lose 40-50 maybe. But its been such a great ride so far. What a wonderful year. My friends have been so supportive. Laura, who attends meetings with me is inspiration. She just keep plugging away too. This program has been the best. I really think I will be able to do this for the rest of my life. Not that it will be easy. But not that many things in life are EASY.

So my job is still kind of crazy. Still learning stuff and how it all works and how everything fits together. How it all blends. I like it though! I love the hours. I get to go to Aqua Aerobics twice a week. & I'm walking with a lady from church 3-4 times a week too. Its so wonderful :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I am in the 240's

SO I have been @ WW's for a year now. I have lost almost 72lbs. Look up! you can see exactly where I am I update every week :)

The Sharks unfortunately lost and are out of playoffs. Its sad. I don't know what they're going to do. They played an epic game on Sunday. 4 Overtimes and lost. Its crazy, now we'll see how Dallas does against Detroit. Its the DD final.

My new job is interesting. I am going in there and stirring up some new stuff. hahahah! Its fun though. I am new and want to make a BIG impression. They're impressed though that I could learn so fast. I think they're use to people who don't really want to work and don't usually catch on very quickly.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Ok so in other news...

Today was my last day in customer service @ the local office for PG&E. Yep I am moving to my other job now. Not exactly sure what I will be doing just yet. I know it will be kind of Office Clerk type position but I will post something once I find out. I report Monday @ 7am. Yep early hours now. Teachers hours. 7-3:30 I can get off work be home & the go workout before Steve even gets home. Crazy huh!

Work was great today. Being my last day and all, it was a breeze. TGIF!

I plan on doing my jump aerobics this weekend and also going to the Temple.
I also have lunch plans for Sunday after church.
I plan on watching the game of course Sunday evening.

Sharks Win in OT

above Joe Pavelski shoots game winning goal only 1 minute & 5 seconds into overtime to win us the game.

The game tonight was so exciting. I can't even begin to explain how happy I am that the Sharks won! I mean I was confident going in but after Dallas had scored 2 goals & we were down I was not ready to give up, but I was just wondering how playing the way the guys were playing we were going to come back. BUT WE DID IT! They came out 3rd period and dominated most of the play. Nabby did save us a few times...infact he kept us in the game. I take nothing away from the guys who scored our 2 goals in regulation play. But there were a few times play broke down and the score could have been worse.

Anyway we live on to skate another game. This one I can not go to Dallas for. They will just have win it w/o me cheering in the stands! I will however be cheering for either my friends house or my fil's or a food place somewhere.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

SHARKS win for us in Dallas!

Ok so we brought our camera in with us & why we didn't take any pictures...well I will never know. FORGOT in all the excitement I guess. There were quite a few Sharks fans in the area. More then I thought. We had great seats for standing up in and cheering the whole game. Well ok not much to cheer over in the 1st period. But the 2nd & 3rd I was standing and screaming a lot.
I was jumping up and down on Marleau's break away.

All in all it was a good trip to Dallas. The fans there were not very mean to us. I figured they would be so much worse. But we didn't razz them and so we didn't get much flack back either.
I'm hoping for a nice win tomorrow too!