Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Down another 2lbs

So when I went to WI yesterday I was down another 2 pounds. I could hardly believe it. It was kind of unexpected. Because I kind of ate a lot before Bay to Breakers and dinner after our walk wasn't exactly what I would say my healthiest meal of the year either. But I am still so HAPPY! The thing I don't get is how come my friends...ok can't say all my friends just one in particular can't just be happy for me too. Why must she be sooooo negative or pessimistic. This is the 4th time so 4th week I have lost and she has said to me, " Now at some point your body is going to slow down and stop losing, you need to start preparing yourself for that."

Um Ok fine great. But you know what I am so sick of hearing you say that. I am getting tired of reporting my success back to her because I am growing tired of her attitude towards my weight loss process.

Right now I am happy, I am upbeat, I am so joyful, grateful for all I have been able to accomplish. I have had so much support from so many people. My husband & my friends. My meeting leader and also the meeting attendees. This process I grow from daily and I just don't think I have time for that negative attitude anymore. I think I will just stop telling her what I am doing with my life unless she asks and even then I am going to be cautious because I don't want a downer. I do understand that its reality....I get that but I am not there yet so why do I have to get all "oh whoa as me I am stalling out" when I haven't even come to that point. Ok yea I am rambling. Not blogging.

Steve and I are also off to Dallas for Memorial Day. I am excited because we're going to go see family. My "favorite" Aunt hehehhe. When I 1st married Steve she told me that it was ok for me to call her that. ahhahaha! She is bubbly, happy, loud and tells you like it is, kind of like me...maybe thats why I love her so much.

We're going there to see the family and also go to the Temple to do some work for my ancestors...FINALLY! Yep its time. I have my stepdad to do work for. Also my great grandpa & grandma. Great-great Grandma & Grandpa & all of their children. So I am soooo excited.

Have a Great Memorial Day!


Marcella555 said...

You're doing awesome!

Focus more on the 99 "Attagirls" than on the 1 negative comment.

The "Attagirls" will be what keeps you motivated. :)